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    A question about the raid lockout system

    We are currently working on shek'zeer heroic and today on valentines day we are missing a shitload of important players. So we thought we might aswell clear 5/6 hc instead of extending the lo. But my question is, lets say the raid today clears 3/6 heroic. Is it possible to jump straight into an extended Shek'zeer raid next raid? Or does the extend need to be made like, before u get saved to anything in that same raid?
    Damn you blizzard for complicating this to infinity!
    Any suggestions or comments would be greatfully accepted.

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    No, hc raid locks can't be shared like normal mode raid locks can.
    And the question is, why are you missing so many players? There's nothing special about today, it's not a recognized holiday in any country.

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    ^It's very recognized by most girlfriends:P

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