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    Resto Shaman normal mode trinket advice and upgrade value?

    Hi there all,

    I'll gladly admit I could be over thinking this, but a lot of the resto shamans I've been in contact with since Cata have ceased playing and I'd love some fresh advice. I am in current possession of 3 normal mode trinkets: 1.) Spirits of the Sun (ilvl 496), 2.) Relic of Chi-Ji (ilvl 476), and 3.)Qin-xi's Polarizing Seal (ilvl 489). With the first two equipped I have about 10,789 Spirit (currently I'm at a 499 ilvl) and 17,213 Intellect (QQ no Sha- Touched Weapon, mostly gemmed for spirit/crit). I've always wanted the H Qin-xi's Polarizing Seal bc I've had mana problems in the past and was hoping for a small boost to my MTT but have not been able to acquire it. I trade the RoCJ in for QPS and I drop in Intellect to 15,998 and my Spirit is about 11,800, which is where I would like to be without being fully raid buffed in Spirit but not at all with my Int, so I am reluctant to use it. Before I spend the dough to re-gem, my question is: What do you feel is the best combination of these trinkets currently to use with Heroic Tier 14 content, and which should I be upgrading before the next patch in 2 weeks? If the QPS was in one of the two choices I would ofc consider re-gemming more for Intellect. Thanks for your time and I appreciate the input.


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