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    Teir 15 Normal bis list (anyone have one as of yet)

    i was just curious if anyone has looked into a possible bis list as of yet for normal t15. i myself have not beenable to play since the end of dec. im hoping to get back into it soon. probably after 5.2 goes live tbh though. if anyone has one or play with the idea of making one to post here it would be greatly appreciated.

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    Not that it matters, but you didn't even mention what spec. It's too early to tell anyway.

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    Quote Originally Posted by PaintOnASign View Post
    It's too early to tell anyway.
    For some items still, yes, but there's also others that can reasonably be considered "nailed down".

    This is my personal compilation for my enhance set (yes, I am aware OP didn't specify). DISCLAIMER: Stuff can still happen.

    Tier 15 Class Pieces

    For the t15 class gear, I think it's a toss-up between the shoulders and the hands. I personally went with the hands because in my own experience, it's been harder to obtain expertise than hit. Another factor was that the hands have a red socket with an agility bonus.


    A couple notes here: The neck and ring 2 are from the Shado-Pan Assault raid reputation. Bracers are not included because the only options are Beady-Eye Bracers (random enchant) & Bracers of Mutagenic Fervor. There is a third bracer available, but it's not quite as good as Mutagenic.

    Possible Weapons

    Hand of the Dark Animus is the best by far for secondary stats and gem color/bonus. Zeeg's Ancient Kegsmasher seems to be the worst possible weapon, though, due to the 2.40 weapon speed and a lower range for weapon damage. (I use that qualifier because I'm not sure if it's intended.) The rest I don't really have any comment on.

    Possible Trinkets

    The last one can be quite useful if you need a lot of hit rating. Can't comment any further than that, though, because trinkets are basically in flux until Blizzard has figured things out. (See here, here, and finally... here.)

    So yeah... that's my post of tables. >_>
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