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    Old Content Private Servers and their players

    Back when I had an active retail wow account, the forums used to be filled with 100s of Americans complaining for old content servers. People saying they would actually pay to play old retired expansions. And players in game used to talk for hours about this as well.

    Why is it, then, that so few Americans actually play the old content on private servers? The bugs are few and far between and to me, they actually play better than the expansions did while in beta (I was in beta in bc, wrath and cata). The only problem is, so little of the population on these servers is American, maybe 10%. I mean, most of them speak English pretty well but you can still tell a difference.

    So, if you are American I am asking: have you tried old content private servers? Lately? The developers are constantly refining/tweaking the emulators, it's commendable their dedication, IMO.

    Private server discussion is not permitted.
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    This discussion will most likely have no future here, which is sad. :/

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    It may be sad, but there are plenty of other places that you could go to discuss these things. Unfortunately, MMO-Champion isn't one of them
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