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    affliction lock pointers and how to improve my dps

    ok im ranking on some fights like elegon and some normal fights that i way outgear i know with my current ilvl and gear simcraft has me at 97k dps single target i currently only do about 78-85k depending on the fight like for instance on grand empress normal i did 78k which i should have been higher.

    as far as my opener i prepot then use my macro for my dark soul+engineering tinker then haunt and then i use my SS>SB macro and MG as a filler, and using doomgaurd and spamming drain soul in execution phase and keeping 100% uptime on my haunt, i usually refresh my dots when i see my dot timers on them turn red which is usually 25% left on there duration with haunt>agony>corruption>unstable affliction as my priority but i dont seem to be able to carry my weight so i was wondering if anyone can tell me what im doing wrong.

    as far as aoe i use soulburn+seed of corruption if i have shards most of the time when i need to aoe i dont have shards.

    im currently running 4229 haste since im a goblin for haste cap and then rest into mastery almost 62% unbuffed stats.

    wouldnt let me link armory or WOL but any pointers or advice would be appreciated.

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    There is a "fix my DPS" thread in the sticky, you should check some of the answers here (mainly the 15 last pages), they would be very relevant to your problems.

    Also a link to your armory is a proof of good will. Without it, it's hard to help.

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    As Shauni said we have a "Help me Fix my DPS" thread. http://www.mmo-champion.com/threads/...ore-posting%29

    I suggest you read the first post of that thread carefully and supply us with the information we need to help you. Just shooting blind in advice given is useless, and a waste of time.

    I'm going to close this thread, but feel free to post in the Fix My DPS thread about your problems (but with more specifs then).

    EDIT: oh and you can post links once you have 10 posts on the MMO-C forums. We can still help you if you post the text version of the links though.

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