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    Starting weight, 231 pounds, and I'm 6'0 feet tall.

    Starting date was around mid-january.

    Currently 220 pounds, after weighing this morning.

    My goal is to lose about 50 pounds from the starting weight (so I'd weigh around 180 pounds) and I'm just taking it real slow and steady.

    I cheat a lot on the diet, mainly on the weekends (I do fairly well on the week actually), and don't mind slow weight loss, so long as I lose the 50 pounds or so by the end of the year.

    I definitely could be exercising more, right now I sometimes go outside and run with the dogs out in the field for 20-30 minutes but that's not too much exercise compared to dedicated running/biking/whatever but at least I'm getting outside again.

    And my diet is a low carb diet, primarily eating meat and fish, with some vegetables.
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    To control yours weight take only two time food and does not take the fast food. www(dot)callforassistance(dot)com

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    Seems everyone is wanting to lose weight these days, im trying to gain some.
    6.4 on 110kg - WTB <3
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    Quote Originally Posted by Drunkenfinn View Post
    Reporting in again...

    A bit over a month has passed since my last post and I'm down to 120kg now

    So all in all since the start of January I've lost almost 15kg!
    Most likely at least 1/3 of that is water-weight (I'm a big man so my 5kg of water weight would be around 2-3kg on a normal-sized person, or around that).

    Regardless, I can definately see a change. My belly has gotten smaller and I'm starting to get pretty fit again. I can actually do sports for long time periods without going terribly out of breath :P My gym-results have gone up a lot, too... Though I havent been doing any heavy lifting in almost 2,5 weeks now but focused on cardio instead.

    10 more kilos to go for my target-weight of 110kg. Perhaps even 105kg (at which point my abs should start becoming visible) before summer-vacation in June

    Just for the record I'm a 6'5 (196cm) "ex-athlete" (junior national-level ice-hockey up to 19 years old and some 'murican football for a few years after).

    I think the least I've weight during "adulthood" was around 99,5kg during the army. But I was skinny as hell back then and lost quite a bit of muscle-mass during my time there.
    Wow 15kg is a lot - congratson this, man! Well done. I'm positive you will reach your goal
    Now I will need some fingers crossed

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    Congrats. You're doing well so far, keep it up.

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    Lost 10 pounds.
    6 feet , 160 now. I really want to lose the next 10 before summer but I seem to be stuck a bit.

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    Hi Maiton
    i think you should have a heavy breakfast and then onward smaller meals like soups,salads,fruit juices,and water.Don't force yourself on eating only 2 times .and walk for at least an hour in free time

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    I have lost 30 pounds in last 3 months through cardio workout plan and strict weight loss diet plan.
    I want to lose more 10 pounds, so I keep continue this diet and workout plan. I hope I will succeed to achieve my goal weight within next two months.
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    Thanks for sharing.
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