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    I hate him because he's a bad guy that goes crazy and kills every Alliance member just because he is Horde. Even with his Horde allies is a bad dude :/

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    What he's doing is wrong irl. This is a game. He looks bad-ass and got a bad attitude to boot. Ruthless. Bloodthirsty. I love him.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Zylos View Post
    Garrosh is an orc's orc. Thrall was a wimp, to him Lok'tar Ogar was just a battle cry, to Garrosh its a way of life. Long live Hellscream!
    I hate Garrosh because this is exactly WRONG.

    Garrosh is exactly what the alliance have painted the horde to be: violent, mindless killing machines. We have seen that Garrosh doesn't really understand what it means to be an Orc when he challenged Carine to a duel without understanding the rules. Thrall does not represent orc "honor" but neither does Garrosh.

    In WC3 you meet the blade-masters who wear no armor because they have a love for fighting. Broxigar (one of the most heroic orc figures) was trying to die an honorable death by standing against a powerful enemy. Even Garrosh seems to understand (to some degree in MoP) that killing children is not the same as proudly fighting on the battlefield.

    For orcs, fighting a weak enemy is a sign of weakness. A war is a sign of respect. Garrosh treats the Alliance like scum, meaning that every warrior he sends against them he seems as garbage.

    Also,I stopped playing Night Elves in Cata when they decided genocide was ok (dancing troll village and furbalongs in Ashenvale). They seem to have embraced the whole alliance mentality that fighting is amputating a diseased limb. Watching them wipe out those two neutral groups because

    1. One was digging in ruins the night elves were scared to go to. The Night Elves responded by trying to assassinate their leader. When the assassin was captured the Night Elves decided to wipe them out. (trolls were there first btw as to your invading ancestral lands argument Constellation)

    2. One was just growing large. The Night Elves are sent to slaughter their former allies because, "there are enough of them to be a threat."

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