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    Bump for anymore possible discussions =)

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    Quote Originally Posted by McLockhart View Post
    My money are on the Sub rogues back in DS. You had a spec which you could not practice unless raiding since you had to rely on procs from Honour Among Thieves. The rotation should, from what I've heard also have been quite unforgiving if you made a single mistake. But GOD the spec did pull some high numbers.
    100% agreed with this man

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    Demo in early Cata probably had the most complex rotation in the game, but it's much easier now. The difficulty of Demo comes with managing fury and the Meta toggle with your cooldowns. The difficulty of Aff comes with managing all your procs and cooldowns to max dot refreshes. Not sure how you can compare the 2. For me, I don't play Aff because I absolutely hate the idea of managing all those random procs. Not sure if that makes it harder than Demo.

    I actually think Ret has a really complex priority system with all the different timings. But there's the CLCRET add on which turns it into one of the simpler rotations. I wouldn't enjoy playing Ret very much without CLCRET.

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    In PvP, Demo/Afflic Warlocks... You have to outplay so many classes generally, especially melee's.

    PvE, I dunno... I don't PvE all that much.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Proberly View Post
    For me it feels like classes/specs that use any source other than mana are bit harder to master. (when it comes to melee)

    For example, mana as a resource for ret/enh is just non existant. it's just there to limit their healing potential.

    can't say much about casters, have only played mage so far in mop and find it to be quite relaxing, apart from derp runes.

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    any melee dps spec is always guaranteed to have a harder time then ranged.. but id say feral kitty or enh shammy.. unholy dks are pretty complex too with timmeh!! in the picture.

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    enhan shammy to play correctly as its a lot of thinks to watch. is fire totem/fire ele up?, is unleash weapon ready?, do you have your SS buff? is searing at 5stacks?, is maelstrom at 5 stacks?, is FS on the target?, are your enbues about to fall off?, is your shield about to fall off? and knowing when to use which spell or dump which proc is a lot to track

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