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    Quote Originally Posted by Thassarian View Post
    There's a difference these days, only the one needs to have done it. Before you personally had to have been everywhere.
    What I see the OP asking is for the old way.
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    Quote Originally Posted by zox2 View Post
    Even in 5.0 it was enough to kill empress in LFR to be able to enter terrace.

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    yes, last boss kill needed for the heroic
    Not intended. You needed to have someone in the raid entering with Empress N kill to get into toes as raid (if you didn't kill emp).

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    Quote Originally Posted by Voyager View Post
    Guild recruitment currently wouldn't be hard at all if you didn't make it hard on purpose. And it wouldn't take longer than an hour to run new recruits through normal TES anyway. Do something for your recruits, don't just expect them to do everything for you.
    How about... no.

    Nobody wants to raid old content every time they have recruits who need to be attuned. An hour spent getting people attuned is an hour people aren't doing progression.
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    Unless your asking about LFR, than no you don't need to kill Normal or HM Sha of Fear to get into Throne of Thunder.
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    I honestly wouldn't like the idea of having to clear the previous tier's end boss. I remember they used to do that, and I hated every bit of it. However, since 5.0 raids will be cross-server, to be honest I don't think it would be that bad if they did do that. Not that they are.

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    Quote Originally Posted by killidan View Post
    All you have to do is pay Blizz $14.99 and you will see any boss you wish.
    Really ? I've been paying $15 a month for about five years now and I'm not seeing the bosses I wish to. Did I miss a memo ?

    Also, thread title could really use a question mark.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Hexotic View Post
    I would actually love that. It would make older content a stepping stone and not just forgotten.
    Tons of people haven't killed empress either but they are still raiding ToES. What makes you think this couldn't be the case here? Raid leader has killed Sha and everyone can join the raid in TTK.

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