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    Spark of Zandalar

    So, this trinket.


    According to Ghostcrawler - 5.00 RealPPM on landing harmful abilities and spells, and melee/ranged abilities and swings. No ICD.

    Honestly, if this stays as-as, this trinket will be absolutely insane. With a 5.0 realPPM, no internal cooldown, and 20 second duration, its guaranteed to proc on your first swing, and will likely be maintained the entire fight.

    Although I doubt it will stay in such an overpowered form, if it does there are some funny implications, such as that it won't only be BiS for strength users, but likely any class that gains AP from strength.

    I'm an idiot. Move along, folks.
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    Well take into account you need 10 sparks to transform, and bam its not that overpowered.

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    Oh, I'm a retard and missed that part. My bad.

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    It's pretty clearly BiS regardless of it not being as good as you thought.

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    I take it there is no reason to leave this open

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