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    Black Prince Rep Grind

    Is it possible to grind from revered to exalted in the current patch? If so where is the best place to grind?

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    The short answer is no. Only mobs on the Isle of Thunder give rep from revered to exalted.

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    No, you won't be able to hit exalted until patch 5.2. The exalted rep will be earned from killing the Zandalari Troll mobs that spawn on the shores of multiple zones.

    Edit; Could also be the above posters information, although I read somewhere you get it from the troll mobs, could be both.

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    I've always failed to see the reason for grinding that rep. It falls in ones lap at such high pace while doing the dailies.

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    Ok thanks for the info.

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    any1 know how much rep you get per mob between revered and exalted i'm really hoping for more than 30

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    if i remember correct it is 25 normal mob, 50 elite and 125 from nasty elite.

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