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    Zelda franchise is #1 for me, followed by the common ones like CoD etc.

    Quote Originally Posted by Socialhealer View Post
    <insert random words> seems thats was most people here you actually understand what overrated means? so many people saying diablo 3....when it was never rated good...loads of sales does not equal rating, thats hype built on how amazing diablo 2 was, seems people think this is a thread for games they want to flame.

    OP also asked for most over hyped games, which Diablo 3 could be considered as there was a lot of fuss before its release.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Immitis View Post
    actually the gen 2 games (silver/gold/crystal) are almost always put as the best pokemon games. you almost never see anyone legitimately say red and blue are the best.
    red and blue are the best. period.

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    most of you will probably disagree with me but i feel like dark souls is : /
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    I'd also like to add Journey as the most overrated game. Played the full thing after hearing it won so many awards, but it was a complete boredom. How did this game deserve any awards??

    The game was apparently meant to touch your emotions or something, thats pretty hard to accomplish when I'm falling asleep by how boring the game was. Should've given The Walking Dead these awards instead, atleast that game made me cry manly tears.

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    I think allot of people here need to learn the difference between games that were over rated and games that were a huge disappointment.

    But on topic i think the first games that come to mind are the modern CoD games and many of the nintendo games like zelda , mario etc etc. I know people grew up on them but seriously , people hold any of those games which are just clones to such a high reguard its beyond me.

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    except it IS one of the best action rpgs in the world.
    No, it isn't, and using Caps Lock, calling me dumb and raging in your posts won't change reality. Seeya.

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    +1 to many of the above, especially Skyrim... worst combat in an RPG ever.

    But the original StarCraft can't be overrated, it IS that great.

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    SWTOR: So much promise, so much of a letdown. That this game won any "game of the year" awards, even by nonenties in the mainstream press who are utterly clueless is one of the biggest jokes of all time. They spent 99% of their time and money on developing the single player aspects of this game, and maybe 1% on the MMO aspects. Other than the thrill of having a lightsaber and being in the Star Wars universe, and the accomplishments of completing any instance, raid or winning a battleground, there was hardly any "fun" to be found in this game. Zones and questing hubs were poorly designed; in-game travel was a slog and a bore. BW and EA made many promises, which were never kept. Repetitive cutscenes got waaaay boring with alts.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Exoblade View Post
    I think allot of people here need to learn the difference between games that were over rated and games that were a huge disappointment.

    But on topic i think the first games that come to mind are the modern CoD games and many of the nintendo games like zelda , mario etc etc. I know people grew up on them but seriously , people hold any of those games which are just clones to such a high reguard its beyond me.
    Honestly Zelda changes with each new installment quite a bit. Yes its still the same Zelda concept but each one is different and feels different. It's actually a pretty common thing with video games that keep going. It's the same concept each sequel but each game feels different and has a different atmosphere usually (Ratchet and Clank comes to mind)... With the exception of Modern Warfare 3, seriously that was just DLC to me.
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    Pong! Sure, it's fun... if you got nothing else... it's pretty fun considering it's age though... but then again, the idea is based on tennis, which is older... but still, it isn't half-bad... if you got nothing else!

    I don't play many games these days though, so I don't know about which have disappointed me compared to their general estimation... haven't really played many different games. I liked most of the games I have played or forgotten about them. There's something to be said about the generation that the games find themselves in, though, but I don't really know. I can't remember the ones that have disappointed me!
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    Quote Originally Posted by Lilly32 View Post
    OK lets try and keep this civil and respect people's opinions. What do you think are the most over rated or over hyped games of all time?

    1. Madden Series. Dont get me wrong I love football. I will watch division 2 college games if they are on TV and I have 4 TVs set up in my living room to watch games come Sunday but this game is just too much. I mean they had a TV series following people that played it. In the words of Keyshawn Johnson...."Come on Man!" I mean sure its fun to play but its just the same game rehashed every single year. Maybe if I played online against other people it would have been more fun but I quit playing before X-Box live and all that mess took off. Not to mention whoever they put on the cover either gets hurt or has a terrible season.

    2. Diablo 3. I dont care how many copies it sold and what records it broke. The only thing broke was the game. Oh you didnt roll a DH on day 1...Sorry you lose. Enjoy sitting in Act 1 while they farm Act 4 or Ponies in blues. Oh your account is flagged for bad loot? Haha you lose again. I watch people who stream getting 12-15 Legendaries a session. I never got that many in the 5 months I played putting in 40-50 hours a week. Dont try and say they just have good luck and mine was just bad. The loot system was just flat out broken.

    3. SWToR. All the rumors about how much money they spent on voice actor's and thats pretty much all you got. A decent class story with good voice acting that ended at level 50...along with the fun. Before going F2play level 50 was basically this. Log in, spam fleet for a few hours saying you were LFG,get pissed cause you cant buy a group, lose a bunch of WZs, get even more pissed, then rage log. Now it has gotten better since going free to play as I did go back and sub for a month. Lots of people in Fleet and I actually was able to finally do some flashpoints and even raids using the group finder. But PvP is still broke with FoTY classes. Its "Flavor of the Year" cause Bioware is probably the slowest company I have ever seen when it comes to class balancing. DPS Operatives still havent recovered from being nerfed about a YEAR ago. Thats just unacceptable. Also their F2play model is garbage. You still basically have to sub to play the game as you dont get 100% of the game like you do with GW2 or Tera.
    Mario, Final Fantasy, Metal Gear. I have no idea why people like them.

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    Every zelda game ever.
    Final fantasy games.
    Assassins Creed games.
    CoD, obviously
    GW2, especially within the mmo-champion community.
    The Diablo games.

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    BioShock: It wasn't a bad game, but I never did see why so many people thought it was so awesome. It had an interesting 'twist' to it, but that was about it.

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    Most Overated games:

    Call of Duty
    League of Legends

    Most Underated

    Jade Cocoon
    Dark Cloud

    I know these are oldish games but they should be releasing new ones because of how good these were.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Hyve View Post
    Final Fantasy 7. People orgasm over the very mention of the name, while I hated it. I loved, and adored Final Fantasy 8. It is one of the greatest games i've ever played.
    This a bajillion times!!! Except I didn't like FF8, personally. But then again, I'm a retro guy.
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    Madden for sure. 2K Sports made a better football game, and then EA bought out the NFL so no other company can make an NFL game. Pathetic, and I will never buy another madden game again.

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    darksidders 2
    CS 1.6

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    Mario 64, I didnt get it then and I dont get it now, in fact anything to do with mario even mario kart which is decent but short term only. GW2 was a close second. I despise the mario character and I found the meachanics to be equally dull. I was a bit of a sonic fanboy though.

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    Fallout 3
    CoD 4 onwards

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    Madden games. They're fucking abysmal. I tried to get my wife into them since she's a football nut and I figured it'd be another thing we could play together. No go. She will, however, play NHL with me, and at least they kind of try each year. Win-win.

    Anything Elder Scrolls. I haven't even finished Oblivion or Skyrim fully because I just don't care. They're the exact same game with the same fruity controls and weird graphics, especially when you go third-person view just to see what your character looks like. Spoiler alert: he looks like a G.I. Joe being played with by an autistic kid's invisible hands.

    The Diablo/Starcraft series. All of them. They're terrible. I actually really enjoy the Warcraft games, but the rest of them just fall flat. There's no magic or anything interesting to me in them, so they just become another strategy game that gets boring quickly.

    Anything Pokemon beyond the first two games. The rest are just the exact same, except with worse characters, worse creatures, and amazingly almost the exact same graphics over a decade later. I bought Black and White a while ago, got about halfway through, and my DS is still sitting on my dresser unplayed for over a year now.

    Dead Island. Oh my god, what a piece of crap. It's like The Walking Dead if it were a video game instead of a lousy TV series.

    Zelda beyond the N64. Mario Party 28 through 60. Crysis 1 & 2. The Mass Effect series. Call of Duty: The Treyarch Years. Anything Fallout. The list goes on.

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