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    Their comments on pvp arent encouraging, and certainly won't inspire me to get into it more. Even as an achievement whore missing mostly PvP achievements, it's too frustrating to spend a lot of time doing it. I'll always be behind.

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    Are you guys hiring? Seems your web admin can't after all these years fix the top of the page bug. I'm fixing it right now...BUMP.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Alayea View Post
    Sooo much this. It'd make things easier for my profession alts.
    Thats kinda the point of having them BoP no? Rarity add value to things, if everyone can have everything on their alts whats the point of having professions at all?

    Loved the short story btw ^^, Ten is totally my kind of characters.

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    Still Blood Spirits are valued too high for what they are. 150-175 valor for one would be the better price, considering the gear you can craft from them isn't that stellar either, you mostly need 6 of them and for the valor they're asking for, you get better necks and rings for 1250 valor. But I guess they want you to spend around 2400 valor, like you would for a chest or something similar.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Zergal View Post
    Thats kinda the point of having them BoP no? Rarity add value to things, if everyone can have everything on their alts whats the point of having professions at all?
    I don't care about the "rarity" whatsoever. I don't have profession alts to play the AH; I have them so I can provide for my own needs without having to hand over gold to another player. It means I won't ever be wealthy, but neither will I become dirt poor like I had been for most of TBC.

    As for rarity itself: isn't that why there are raids, achievements, the TCG, removed content, PvP, etc.? Blizzard's concerns for sellers are overblown, in my opinion.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Korru View Post
    Seriously who plays this game for other than raiding or PvPing?

    Let's say I just ding 90. What are my options:

    1250 for a 522 neck
    400 for a Blood Spirit each to craft a 498 (which you need at least 6)
    1250+ for 489 and 498 items after grinding some rep

    Obviously the neck is a winner here. That will be at least a week of VP grinding.

    Ok a week has passed, if I'm really lucky with LFR assuming that I can earn a lot more charms now and the drop has been raised and that I have the 522 neck that I just bought, I would probably be at 480 ilvl, if not I can grind more VP for a 498 ring and a 498 trinket which are cheaper and harder to replace. By then after a month, I'm very likely to have 480 ilvl to go to the new LFR and start earning rep for more 522 gear.

    Yes there are options, but there are stupid ones like this one here. The only way I see this option viable is that if you are fully decked out in 422+ gear and need to spend on something since you're at cap, then you could buy these to sell on the AH until the Item Upgrade returns.
    I know this seems something quite hard for you to crasp, but these people do exist.

    While I am not one of them (I am a "normal" mode casual raider), so I will be aiming for the 522 Valor Gear without a shadow of a doubt.

    But I can think of at least 3 people in my guild that like doing dailies, like doing the occasional 5 man, might do LFR once or twice to see it, but are not into grind out full BiS (even BiS lfr gear).

    These items are for them.

    I am sorry that in your narrow minded view you can't see a point of these but there is a point to them.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ferrouswheel View Post
    If they hate to raid why do they want raid gear?
    You do know people like to see some form of gear progression right? It makes there character fell more powerful.

    Even doing dailies and 5 mans etc is more fun and easier with better gear right?

    You make it sound like they are getting 5.2 heroic thunderforged gear.

    Just because the items are not for you it does not mean they are not for some people.

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