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    All my characters names are variations of my last name + the characters personality. A few examples should clear things up.

    Real last name = Mangham sooo

    Mangham + dwarf character (as people think dwarfs sound scottish) i named him = Magnanamus

    Mangham + Tauren (they look like cows and cows moo) soo he became = Manghamoo

    Mangham + Orc (they use dogs and look abit like mutts themselves) so became = Mangeham

    I know its not exactly brilliant logic but when i play my chars they just seem to suit their names.

    I also have some chars named after my kids or family members or old past/present/future pets.

    Oh and i nearly forgot my 2 personal favourites of mine.

    Mangham + death knight = Mangaknight

    And my smartest if i do say so myself....

    Mangham + troll shaman = Shamangham (see what i did thar?)

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    I took the first part of my last name "pink" then did my best to combine it with "magic". In the end i came up with Magink which was my druid's name in D2
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    Saphyron -

    Back in 02 i thought about the safran cause it taste good and made some changes to it and voila saphyron
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    it was not my main at first but then it became the name everyone calls me by: Krob

    contrary to what others might guess from it, at the time i was a big Kde fan, and playin wow on linux. I decided that my character had to be named like a kde program, they all have K at start or somewhere in their name. So i picked my name and went for K-Rob.

    my current main is called krokuto, from combining futhermore Krob and Hokuto.

    Most of my alts still have -Krob- in their name too, with a twist depending on class and race.
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    My first name was Junelsya... I typed in "June" and just randomly typed 4 letters that's how I came up with that.

    All my other mains/alts since then are frigoffrick or jlahey.

    Anyone who is Canadian and watches Trailer Park Boys will understand.

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    Some random dutch words, items lying around on my desk or room.


    Someone else make elgierro and i just stuck with it.

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    My Shaman - Imnohero ...... just caus I got fed up of the raid leader shouting for heroism.
    Fear is the little death

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    Well my main is a holy paladin called Auraora, so a paladin being a defender of the light deserved a name with a referrence to the light. Started playing during Wrath so the northern light Aurora Borealis seemed right. Aurora was taken and then i thought hey palas have an aura so lets combine the two words aura and aurora hence and Auraora was born.

    My DK was a bank alt for a long time where i send stacks of food, mostly meat. So he is called Meatstack.

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    My first characters were simply given actual names that I liked. I've run out of those, though, so now my typical naming strategy -- because I am uncreative -- is a transliteration of a non-English word that is relevant to the character's class or race.

    The only real name that has any sort of real significance is my monk, which I named after the author of one of my favourite books, a martial arts philosophy book. It seemed appropriate.
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    For most of my WoW characters I usually have something in mind. It'll be something from a book or movie maybe, or a friends' baby name, or really anything from anywhere else you can chance across a name. Inspiration comes from the most random places sometimes. So I'll try and put it in, many times it's taken already, drat. So then I'll try and spell it 4 or 5 different ways: Megan, Meegan, Meeghan, Maygan, ugh... If that still doesn't work, I always have the randomize button. Click, click, click, click, frustration is building slowly until: oh that might work! Then I'll tweak the spelling maybe, or change it to something similar to give it a bit more unique flair and we're all done.

    As for my forum name, well it's not really the greatest story. I was looking for something maybe eye catching or exciting at the time, and well you can probably guess the rest. Wasn't really the most creative day of my life in retrospect. :/
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    My main char´s name is Rooster

    Named him after the song Rooster by Alice in Chains, my fav band. "here they come to snuff the roosterrrrrr ohhhh yeahhhhhhhhhh, you know he ain´t gonna dieeeee!!!!"

    except that he does die... a lot =(


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    I thought of two more names i have for my chars. Bollijn is my monk because one of my favourite comics I had as a child was a bout a monk called brother Bolleijn.
    Furthermore there is my mage who started as an ice mage so i called him frostburned no explanation needed I hope.

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    I'm a competitive bowler.

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    Rikimu = "To bear up". Signature should explain the relevance!

    The four elements, like man alone, are weak. But together they form the strong fifth element: Boron.

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    ara- S. [ɑrɑ] (ar- S.) pref. high, noble, royal ◇ S/428 ◇ Reduced form of aran, element in the names of the kings of Arnor and Arthedain
    hîr S., N. [hˈiːr] n. m. master, lord ◇

    Sindarin for Royal Lord - Big Tolkien fan.

    My dk:
    daer I S. [dˈɑɛr] adj. great
    *achas S. [ˈɑxɑs] n. dread, fear ← Daerachas WJ/187 ◈ This might also be *gachas, mutated in composition

    Daerachas - Great Dread/Fear
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    I was horrible at making names back then..
    5 years ago I got a forced name change, Blizzard didn't like my very idiotic name on my old RP server so I got a free name change! \o/

    Needed something fast but catchy to come up with, and Emiroda come to my mind.
    MMO-champion name being Exlieos is the name of my shaman, deriving from Exile.
    Moved server and the name Exile was taken, so I decided a silent pseudo-acronym of sorts, and Exileos came to mind: Exile Of Society.

    Not that much of an emo kid anymore with all of those dark and edgy thoughts, so I just like to call him Exile of Stuff.

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    Well, there was this bulky Chinese non-human chef that I "retired"...
    Now you see it. Now you don't.

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    Ok, when I made my warlock I was watching the movie Batman and Robin with the character Bane. Bane itself was taken on my realm so I started trying versions of it with my old D&D naming convention .... of the Leaf. Bane + Leaf = Baneleaf, and stuck. For the longest time all of my toons had leaf at the end but after a few re-rolls I got away from doing that for everyone. The few that remain with that naming convention are still special to me.

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    I used my middle name backwards thus Skoorb was born.

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    (human lock) Liliarenee - My two daughters. Lily (first name) + Renee (middle name)
    (draenai shaman) Lilialanore - Lily (again) + lanore (which sounded draenei to me.
    (panda monk) Lolahn - variation on the name of Dargo's wife on Farscape
    (goblin warrior) Ziiki - sounded goblin like
    (troll hunter) Charnzula - felt like a troll name
    (B.elf hunter) Aelona - hit random till I got something I felt I could work with and then made it my own
    (worgen druid) Adalyn - my daughters name

    Most of my lowbies on my main server are variations of Lily just because then people know me a s lil or lili and it makes it easier for people to know when I am around but on an alt. (Lilijane, lilirose, liliantha)

    All in all it's pretty random. A lot of times I hit random until I find something I kind of like and then I change it up a little until I think it fits.
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