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    I wanted a strong female name for my human warlock so I chose Evita as in Evita Peron

    For my DK I chose Liesistrata from Greek literature. She was the main character in a play who got the women to withold sex from the men until they quit their war. I thought it was ironic to name a DK afetr a peacenik!

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    I like word names, and names with meanings that relate to the character.

    Roulette just seemed like the perfect name for a Goblin Warlock. I mean, her day to day existance is basically a gamble.
    Bazinga, likewise, seemed like the perfect Goblin Rogue name. Bazinga! Got your flag!

    My Trolls and Orcs have word names in Hindi or Sanskrit. Depending on the word, those beautiful languages can sound like almost any fantasy language you need. I adore Hindi, wish I was fluent.
    Kahani - Story
    Tandava - Shiva's Dance of Creation and Destruction
    Svarga - the place in which a good person waits between lifetimes

    My Dwarf's name, Strigine, means 'owlish'. I love owls and it just seems to suit her.

    My boys have mythological names.
    Chrysaor, my Draenei, has the name of Medusa's son in Greek mythology.
    My Worgen's name was GOING to be Qora, which is a mythological were-hyena but then I saw the final female model *shudders* and went male instead. So his name is Varkolac. A type of werewolf/goblin thing in mythology that swallows the moon creating the eclipse.

    "There is a thin, semantic line separating weird and beautiful. And that line is covered in jellyfish." - Welcome to Night Vale.

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    Orc Warrior Narsila (My main) To be honest i think it's kinda lame because it's very simmilar to Isildur Sword Narsil from Lord of the Rings . It supposed to be Narisha to sound orcish but name was already taken by Draenei ;/

    However my alts name are way better i think

    Orc Hunter Agrisha
    Orc Warlock Gangar
    Orc Shaman Rhaz'nul (ok this is kinda lame, very simmilar to Ner'Zhul)
    Blood Elf Paladin Feltharion (Fits very well to blood elf i think). But there is one minus. My friend call me Fail-tharion
    Blood Elf Rouge Norgarion (I think my inspiration was one of space marines from Horus Lunar Wolves Legion that was called Norgarron or something simmilar. So i just added -ion to sounds more elvish )
    Tauren Warrior Ragehoof

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    My original name just came about from being stupid with my friend who referred me. He told me about how his character was named Scrambledegg because of the Salty title, so he could be Salty Scrambledegg. I wanted to do something similar, so I decided to be stupid and try Baconator. That was taken, so I threw on Dbl at the front. When I got my Salty title, I wore it with pride, even if it was a bit silly. Though, I did get quite a few people whisper me over time, telling me how my name had made them hungry!

    When it was time for a server transfer, I decided to change my name to something a bit less silly, and a bit more befitting of a soon-to-be pandaren. I decided to try and do something similar to Chen Stormstout's name, and settled on Firestout. One of my friends remarked that it had a bit of a double meaning, since firewater is another word for alcohol. In retrospect, Firewater would have probably been a better name for a pandaren shaman, but oh well. I like it.

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    Sengiratolom (mage): Sengir= a type of vampire, Atolom(ae)=word used to describe might in some game i played (forgot its name). Started my mage as undead (or rather made an undead lvled to 10 and rerolled human) so i found the name fitting.
    Darkscion (enhancement shaman) started as draenei male: Scion of darkness (MGT) Some horned demon that is wielding 2 weapons. If i had intended to play Elemental mainly i had called it "Quetzaqotl".
    Exinferis(DK): (Liberate tuteme ex inferis) Save yourself from hell goes in 2 ways, 1st they save themselves from hell (hence the name) and they (at that time) unleashed hell also (even if it was in a icy form) Later changed it to Ápocalypse when i server xfered as exinferis was taken and most ppl didn't understand the name.
    Odormortis (worgen afliction lock): Stench/Scent of death. dogs are often used to track scents, afliction dots are various forms of decay+lead to death= name was born. Besides i dont think that werewolves would bath= another foul stench of wet dog added to it.
    Whitefang (worgen feral druid): named after a movie i saw as a kid, where a boy finds a wolf pup and raises it, resulting in them becoming best friends and the wolf protecting the boy in various situations, that wolf was called "White Fang". Sounded fitting for a worgen-feral.

    rest of the lowby chars (sub 10 mostly) just have some random names/names originating from a joke and wouldn't make much sence when explained now.

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    Original name was Eraedis - Don't know how it just came to me and is actually decently unique.

    Got the name Ragnaros for my Mage though, who is my main, and have kept it since. Having the Firelord title and being a Fire Mage I think is worth it. And a Lil' Rag named "Mini Me".
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    For me the hardest part of making a new toon is the name, all the cool names I can think of are always taken >_< and I hate the ascii characters in names.

    So what I do is I click through the ingame random name generator until I find a name I like, then I fiddle around with the letters a little to make it a bit more unique and use it. I've done that for all of my toons bar 2

    Thanks to Shyama for this beautiful signature <3

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    I actually remember the comic the OP mentioned, after being prompted to change my mages name via realm change, I decided to try Lavalamp, and lo and behold, it wasn't taken.

    Most my names are just words that I think adequately describe my character's class (Sanguinary the Warrior, Penitent the DK, Pathological the Rogue) or using google translate English to Latin (Incendium, probably the only name I've ever had that I'm somewhat attached to). One name I specifically remember is Doriangray. After reading the book, I decided to try and reserve the name, and to my surprise, it wasn't taken. I haven't had the chance to use it, but I still have it reserved.

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    Tapdar is my mains name right now, got it while i was watching rugrats with my daughter. They were talking about Reptar (Obviously that was taken) So i mixed some letters up and came out with Tapdar. Now whatever character i make it either begins or ends with 'Tap". My DK's name is Duk, wasnt creative at all just wanted a short name and i feel it fits an orc dk pretty damn well

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    Used it once in a game of MoM when making a custom avatar. Enjoyed it so much I've used it in every MMO I've played since UO and several campaigns of D&D.

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    I am very anal about the names that I choose for my character, because it is something that I am going to have to enjoy seeing everytime I log on. I usually make the character to the exact look I like, then get REALLY high, and stare off into the characters being. UD rogue = auberdeen, UD mage = delainey, Orc Warr = Reebaru, Orc Sham = voltaer, Trn Druid = Joslynne, BE Dk = Symphani. they are just a pleasure to look at

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    My best friend's character was named Balo and he was in the military and when we went to war with Iraq he was killed. So since then I have played his character in his honor. I know its cheesy but its a tribute to my friend that he is still here with me.

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    He keeps being told to come up with a better name.
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    As playing on an rp realm and using an rp addon to change my profile, its not just first names but last names I think about.

    Tauren always have a native american name I choose by looking up there names and reference on sites.

    Orc names I usually think of a short, sometimes rough sounding name, and the last name being something associated with an achievement the orc did, like a battle won or something he acted upon.

    Trolls... I usually think of troll names that start with the same letter, won't say what one though.

    Worgen names are always quintessentially english.

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    Slaying 8bit dragons with 6 pixel long swords since 1987.

    Slaying 8bit dragons with 6 pixel long swords since 1987.
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    My ex girlfriend`s dog name was sera .. so ... well .. i really loved this dog .. and my names are sera, seraney, seranas since then

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    Harakhte is a more obscure version of Ra, or Amon Ra (Amon Harakhte).

    I'm obsessed with Egyptian mythology so all my characters are named after Egyptian Gods.

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    Zergal, Kaerym, Vaelrick are all from me playing around with names for a while.

    Griever -> FF8 fan + Lions are my fetish animals, i really like everything they represent.

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    The Homies and myself were having kick backs on the beach through out the spring/summer. This was the only time we got to see our friend Lee. Whom only had the chance to go once in a blue moon. (Very over protective parents, whom home schooled him so those days were his only really interaction with other kids) During one of those days he fucked up while refering the ocean and called it. "De Domo Azul" This left us confused because we were looking for a Blue Dome. He corrected our confusion and told us what "Domo" meant in his language. It was basically slang for Big/Gaint/ a vast size.

    He would even go so far as to say, doesnt the the ocean cover the earth like a dome? Got up in the word play I grew overly fond with the word. Years pass and The World of Warcraft became a thing. BC had just hit and space goats looked the coolest on Alliance. So i needed a name and those mofo's are blue. So i went with.


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    Forsaken rogue is called Funeral cuz, y'know... death, and all.

    I named my death knight Wasteland because I recalled Baron Rivendare and thought that if they ever add a 'Baron' title to the game, my dk will then become the best dk.

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