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    My characters original name was Harko. I started to slowly dislike the simpleness of it and the fact that the name sounded ugly. Dwarves typically combine Noun+Body part (Bronzebeard, Hammerbrow, Stonehand) so I started on that, figured my character was a warrior and blacksmith.

    Anvilfist, now that sounds like a Dwarf who's going to break some teeth tonight.

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    Name in WoW and SWTOR was Sarrina.

    Was a mutation of Serena.

    Because Serena Williams is the GREATEST TENNIS PLAYER OF ALL TIME

    Other SWTOR character was Hadia; feminine mutation of Hades.

    GW2 is Nalhadia; Nal(sounds like Null, but also the mother of Loki), and Hadia, so "no underworld" or "mother of the underworld".

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    Just tried some random letters, and tried to pronounce the "product" :P

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    "Linkedblade" I used to DJ online under the pseudonym "LB" which for you international friends is the acronym for pound, the customary measurement for mass, and I was a big guy. And I always was fascinated with the Legend of Zelda series. So I had LinkB. Which at the point I started playing some RPG games which always had some sort of knight so I changed the 'B' to "Blade." Then I had "LinkBlade." And that was my original WoW toon's name. The "ed" I added for an alt and that alt became my main moving forward to this day.

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    Nice stories sofar

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    My first main was a dwarf called khazrak, i think it was from a warhammer army book or something. Then i jumped to a dk when wrath hit called ahriman just because i was playing the 2008 prince of persia at the time and liked the enemy and his, now that i think about it, Sha style enemies. Now currently on a monk called Gyatso, both a reference to the buddhist and a character from avatar, corny i know. Also have a bunch of worgen that i basically just name after places in fable, dont know why.

    -Oh, and funny story. During cata a few people came back to my guild who had been away since bc. A druid kept being rude to me so eventually i called them out on it since it was getting disruptive. Turned out my server had ANOTHER Ahriman before me in bc who was a giant douchebag. Eventually i had to point out i was a dk and therefore could not have existed during bc and the folks who knew this guy knew he moved to horde side. The druid was a little embarrassed for being so passive aggressive for months lol.
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    I took the letters in the name Gary Holt (The guitarist and founder of Exodus - A thrashmetal band) and switched around on some letters. Ghrolt. Fuck Y.

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    I first created a Undead Warlock named Lokken.

    Based on this guy. Lokken, commander of Taros. From Total Annihilation: Kingdoms (PC). Very powerfull wizard/warlock/sorcerer~

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    Mogath - I took his name from one of my Created heroes in the game The battle for middle-earth II, which also happens to be an orc

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    I decided to play a Night Elf, not really sure how I came up with Mikra but for the roleplay side I also had to come up with a surname (was lurking around a WoW RPG site finding a guild a half year before WoW was released). So I took something elvish and it was Ithildin. Mikra Ithildin :P Which is something like Mikra Starmoon. I also decided to play on the server Shadow Moon at release.

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    I needed a name for my Orc Hunter back in 2005/2006, got annoyed that I could not come up with something so I just slammed my hand onto the keyboard and pressed enter.
    And I've been using Enjeh in basically every game since then.

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    My rogue Suzette was going to be Susiederkins from Calvin and Hobbes but some putz took it.
    My paladin Orissa is the result of the random name generator. I got Orissan and I dropped the N. Did not know it was a state in India at the time.
    My hunter Shaga? A misspelling of an orc in LotR.
    My warlock Grindots? He's a goblin and goblins always had a grin before Cata. And he's a lock. Also, goblins ran Gringotts. So I named him Grindots.
    My death knight Viraelis? Latin, or greek, not sure which, for virus plus a little modification on my part
    My monk Brewbeary? Brew. Bear. Also, I like blueberrys, but that's irrelevant to the name
    My shaman Shamadams? Sam Adams is one of the few "mainstream" American beers that doesn't taste like horsepiss. And I put mainstream in quotes because it's not widespread past the east coast.
    My mage Sarastae? Not sure where the name came from, but a villainous character in a book I'm writing.
    My priest and main Lindara? Random name generator
    My warrior Kreeve? Random name, but not the generator
    My druid Lusharn? Random name.

    Yeah, I have one of each class, but I don't play most of the atm.
    They ask me why I'm bringin' - A baby into battle - That's really irresponsible - And getting them rattled
    I say "give me a break - Get off of my back damn, it" - I didn't learn parenting - My daddy was a planet

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    My real name is Erkka (im Finnish), and some of my friends call me "Ergar" sometimes, no idea why.

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    for obvious reasons

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    Adaephon came from Quick Ben's real name in Malazan Book of the Fallen. Kalam and Quick Ben were my favorite characters

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    My paladin: Cairnedinal
    Mother pus bucket!

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    My very first name (in Lineage2) was Doomraider > something i made up on the spot

    In WoW the first one was Roxlox (rocking warlock), stupid but i didnt care about my name @ that time.

    Few names that i love and use these days (Xuanwu, Golkosh and Zushakon) > Google them and u know why and what for.
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    Wanted the name Thunder or Lightning in an old mmo, was taken obviously. Thunder/Lightning in dutch is Bliksem -> Bliks was meh -> Blix. Whenever Blix/blix is taken I just add sauce to it (because blix -> bliks -> "blik" = "can" in dutch. So basically my name is "can of sauce").

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