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    Heroic Grand Empress 10 - P1


    We had few wipes on Heroic Grand Empress 10 and we had problems mostly with P1. We reached P2 few times, we were able to keep tanks alive even with 1 healer dead.

    Our setup:
    Tanks: DK, Pala
    Healers: Priest, 2x Paladin, Druid
    DPS: Ele Shaman, Lock, Paladin, Monk

    We had the player with Cry of Terror running into a Dissonance Field immediately, he was getting out when low hp but we had few deaths caused by Cry of Terror. When the 2nd pair of Fields come we try to keep them at the same level. We were using HoPs on players with Cry of Terror when Fields were going to explode.

    We have got OS Disc Priest who will go with us the next time what should make P1 easier but still would appreciate if you could answer my questions how to deal with Dissonance Fields

    1) Should the player with Cry of Terror run immediately into a Dissonance Field? Or should he wait for one to be Corrupted first? Its mostly about 2nd pair of fields because Corrupted one comes pretty late.
    2) When should the player with Cry of Terror get out of Dissonance Field so he can get heals? 40-50% is the safe way to go?
    3) Should we aim to detonate the first field as fast as possible? Resto Druid or Lock running into so it goes down faster. Or even more ppl running into Corrupted Field (like 2 healers + the player with Cry of Terror)?

    Our WoL: http://www.worldoflogs.com/reports/r...pes&boss=62837

    Thank you for your help!

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    While I'm not sure of 10 man tactics regarding blowing the zone up, you have four paladins - bopping the cry of terror target will render him immune to the damage from dread screech and the zone itself, leaving only the 60-70K damage ticks from cry of terror itself, which aren't particularly life threatening. Make use of the double-hand talent, and just bop them whenever they go into a zone.

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    1) Have the player run into a field immediately, but don't throw any heals on him yet. Wait for a field to become corrupted and have him switch to that one where you spam some heals on him. Field energy doesn't get lower unless the person inside gets heals.

    2) I'd recommend getting out around 20-30% unless a field is about to explode. But aslong as the guy inside pops defensives and you shield him and he's topped off before he goes in, he should be able to stay for the entire duration, or at least most of it.

    3) I don't think it matters when you explode them aslong as you try to have a field up all the time Cry of Terror is active. Not sure on this one though.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Duckgirl View Post
    Field energy doesn't get lower unless the person inside gets heals
    Sure it does, if the person inside the field is casting something him/herself, preferably instant casts, such as dots.

    Magic effects cannot penetrate the dissonance field.

    Casting or recieving magical effects will deplete the Dissonace Field of resonance.
    If the healers are struggling with mana, there shouldn't be any need for them to spam absorbed heals. If not then sure, spam away to make it go quicker. If you feel the Fields could go down quicker, you can always have your lock run in the Corrupted field and whack away dots whilst using defensive cooldowns, just make sure he runs out before the explosion / before he gets too low health (we have ours run out around 50%). From a healing point of view it hugely helps to set up raidframes to show both Dissonance field AND Corrupted Dissonance Field to see when people are in and our of the Fields for healing.

    You should indeed have the person with Cry of Terror go inside a Field instantly to reduce the raid wide dmg and get one Field lower, but make sure that person doesn't cast anything while inside the Field (or that he doesnt get absorbed heals) before the Sha spawns, and the person is in the right Field, aka the Corrupted Field. Reasoning there being that you don't want the potentially wrong Field to get too low often resulting in two explosions too close to eachother which will be likely to cause deaths, especially without a disc, which will indeed make the fight easier with SS and atonement spotheals + shields on the people inside Fields. Even SS seems to be castable on people inside the fields, according to WoL expression editor.

    Also make sure people are spread in order to not receive unnecessary splash dmg, which might cause deaths when combined with Field explosions and Cry of Terror.
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