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    About LOTRO

    Lotro used to be a good mmo but they launched a fail expansion and did stupid changes to game caused lots of good players to leave the game.In Lotro forums you can't even speak your mind because you must be a subscriber to post on forums and if you post a bad thing about the game,mods are threatening you(no joke).

    New generation noob devs are changing the game constantly without listening to feedback.There will be an update 10 soon and changes a lot about stats,power(mana) use and no one likes these changes.Everyone is giving negative feedback for 3 weeks now and instead of listening,dev is closing threads and not giving straight answer to questions etc. It is pathetic.Do not play or give money to that game!! Players are idiots also.They are fanboys who pays the game no matter what.

    Such a stupid game and devs made me angry.When tell that to people ingame,they can not come up with a good thing to say and say 'go away troll'.I will not support that shitty game anymore.I don't pay for it anyways.Last time i gave money to that idiots were last expansion which is a fail.

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    Forums are going to be generally full of negativity, as those enjoying the game play the game (weirdly enough the same people playing the game who are calling you a troll). Therefore you cannot judge everyone's opinion based on what's in the forums, as it is only a small fraction of people who write in them, and a much smaller number who would compliment any game at all.

    If you hate it so much though and don't like how things are done, then like you say just leave the game.

    Demanding for others to not play that game is a bit of a stupid thing to do... If 1 million people hated a specific game, but only a dozen actually loved playing it, then that dozen should keep playing and enjoying what they find fun. It's not for you to say what they should and shouldn't play.
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    OP I'm not certain what type of discussions can come from this thread.

    I'm Just going to close this since it serves nothing more then a vent to blow off some steam.
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