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    Question Macro question for Demo Cor>Meta>Doom>Meta

    I'd like to know if it's possible to set up a macro to allow me to apply my dots with one button hit, as in;

    /cast corruption
    /cast metamorphosis
    /cast doom
    /cast metamorphosis

    Right now I have it set up similar to the above, and it requires two hits. The first lays corruption and turns on the demon. The second hit casts doom and turns off the meta. Is there any way to set this up so it only takes one hit to fire the whole thing? I tried a cast sequence, but that only got me the first two spells...

    Thanks in advance.

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    Corruption and Doom are both on the GCD, you can't put them both up at the same time no matter how you try.
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    Even if it's not wise to do your macro, try to replace Doom with Corruption, as the spell is basically the same. (I guess it's similar to Drain Life / Harvest Life, which works both with /cast Drain Life)
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    You'll either have to use a cast sequence or a modifier to make such a macro work.

    Myself I prefer using something like this:
    #showtooltip Corruption
    /cancelaura [nomod] Metamorphosis
    /cast [mod:shift] !Metamorphosis
    /cast Corruption
    I just wrote this, cba to log my warlock for a copy paste. What it should do: if you just press it, it will leave meta and you'll cast corruption, if you hold shift you'll shift to meta and cast doom.

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