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    Best addon to measure experience per hour?

    My friend and I are gonna start pushing our other toons to 90 soon. 85-90 obviously the longest time. Curious on how we can max it out. Right now were runnning a monk/druid combo. I'm bear/cat, he's windwalker/brewmaster. Cat spec just isn't working with me but critchicken feels behind to me as well, so bear really only feels the viable spec atm for leveling for me at least. Brewmaster does decent damage & livability is good when he plays it correctly.

    I remember there used to be an addon that measured how much experience you get in the amount of time in an instance, we mathed it out to 8% experience for about 20-25 min depending on if someone goes afk, if we have to replace anyone, or if the dps is just downright bad or the healer fails to heal. We generally like to pull somewhat big if we can help it, but we won't pull 2 groups of the giant monkeys at the start of stormstout since no one kills the small guys that buff them.

    Quests get boring after awhile, but we know are somewhat dominant.

    But more or less, I just want an answer as to the addon. Thanks in advance.

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    There are likely many addons that do what you are asking for, but I would recommend Titan Panel. The default bar will have a lot of detailed information about XP gains, including:

    XP/hr per session;
    XP/hr for current level;
    XP gains from quests to level up;
    XP gains from kills to level up;
    Est. time to level up

    Also, a bunch of other info on XP gains.
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    Thanks, I was trying to avoid titanpanel as it causes issues with my current ui setup, but if it comes down to it I'll make an exception just for this current process. Is there any more recommendations so I can avoid this?

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