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    I just connected new gpu and my monitors are not showing a thing.
    Kingston, 2GB PC10600 DDR3 Kit Of 2 x2
    Intel, Core 2 DUO E8400, 3.0GHz, FSB1333, 6MB, 45nm
    Asus, P5E3 DELUXE / WIFI DDR3
    LITE ON, DVDRW, Lightcribe
    Seagate, 500GB SATA2 7200RPM 32MB DiamondMax
    Asus nvidia GTX 660TI

    This is my build.
    The pc starts up on gpu both 6pin connections are showing green light but nothing shows on monitors what could be the problem?

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    Try with just one memory stick in first slot. (if that one doesn't help - try the second one in the same slot)

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    so it works with 1 will try to put back the other 3 again

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    Quote Originally Posted by exot1k View Post
    so it works with 1 will try to put back the other 3 again
    If all 4 do not work - it may be your PSU is too weak. or you will have to RTM the mobo. P5E3 DELUXE - may have a defective capacitors. I had one of those - it was so hard to start it up that i decided to just leave it on at all times. Then I replaced it. With x48 one.

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    its working with 2 now. is it realy psu that it cant take all 4?

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    Well you have a demanding GPU. But if your PSU is not defective 500W should suffice, in theory.

    Disregard TRI-CHANNEL - I was wrong it's DUAL. My bad.
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    while ago people told that it will be ok here on forum :/ so need to figure something out

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    Could be a faulty stick of RAM or faulty RAM slot I reckon?

    Did all four sticks work fine before placing the GPU?

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    To check if it's mobo capacitors - try turning PC on and off until it starts up with 4 sticks. If it does eventually (10-20 on/offs) - that's a good (bad) sign of faulty capacitors.

    Yeah and try to start it up with a single stick to check EVERY stick. Faulty memory stick can cause this too.
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    i think it was working i got this pc from my home country havent been at it for 2years

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    ye i think its the psu connecte with 4 rams the 550ti an its working

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