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    Does desperate prayer stack with grace?

    I read everywhere that desperate prayer stacks with grace and %healing increases but my desperate prayer is always the same
    if I have 3 stacks of grace and archangel. Pvp power doesn't seem to effect it as well. I can't find any articles saying it doesn't stack only
    ones saying they do stack. Anyone experiencing the same thing for desperate prayer? Is this a recent change maybe?

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    It used to stack before the new talent system, but after they changed into the new talents in 5.0.5 does it seem like the the 30% of max health is absolute, and will only change if you use any form og hp increases, like battlemaster trinket.

    I hope that answer your question

    - Tobbx

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    It used to, but with 5.0 (MoP) they changed it

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