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    Massive badass 2H axe transmog

    Need a massive BADASS 2H axe that fits in with season 10 gear. Someone have any alternatives?

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    Check this if it fits your gear: http://www.wowhead.com/item=12775
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    Quote Originally Posted by HolgerDK View Post
    ^^ these are the biggest and baddest 2x axes I know... There's a vengeful gladiator's decapitator which you can buy for honor - it's just big, grey/black and intimidating but there are very few awesome looking axes.

    If you just wanted "badass" without the "massive" then experimental specimen slicer (and it's heroic version) along with worldcarver are both great looking axes

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    Thx for replies. But man, how I had a mace right now.

    http://www.wowhead.com/item=33663/ve...er#screenshots freakin badass

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    2h axe from Cho'gall in Tier 11
    Magnificence personified

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    Personally Think Gorehowl is one of the best axe skins http://www.wowhead.com/item=28773

    simple yet very good looking and looks even better enchanted
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    as far as I am concerned.. the axe off sha is the best looking axe in the game... and Executioner's Cleaver

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    Wait for 5.2, there is an AMAZING looking axe the animation is mind blowingly epic

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    I really like the huge thorium battleaxe. It's massive and easy to get because any blacksmith can make it.

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    Spinal Reaper or Soul Cleaver.

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    We have a DK transmog thread specifically for questions like this as well as showing off your gear. Please post there!


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