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    HK Farming?

    I need about 20k more HKs for bloodthirsty, what is the best way to farm these since the premade addon no longer works?

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    Get 4 more very good geared players and faceroll random.If CtA is 10 man bg its even better.A single good geared player can make a huge difference.

    Play as much as possible BGs and it will come.I need 47k for bloodthirsty.I found if u can play your class and u got atleast full Male you could solo the BG.

    I found aswell that im destroying ppl as horde always since MoP release and as alliance im rarely owning em except playing with a good premade.
    But this are my observations.
    GL with the title btw.

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    Get some friends together and try to force a turtle in AV;

    People will absolutely detest you for it but the fact that people start getting clumped up in one area.
    It ends well for both your HK count and at least for me; Sanity.

    I've started solo queuing for AV and I just cross my fingers at this point.
    I find them fun if I take Bladestorm.

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    You could use oqueue and join a CTA, I've done this and with a good group I get over 300 hk a bg.
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    I'm 1k off "Of the Alliance" my best strat is to just farm random BG's with friends, kinda mindless but you get lost in conversations and you've suddenly done 10 BG's lol

    GL with title friend!

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    With 4 friends you could pretty easily turn a WSG into a grindfest!

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