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    [Enhancement] Soloing Twin emperors in AQ40

    I tried to do this yesterday and I both of them were immune to all my abilities, is there anyone out there that has successful soloed this as enhancement that could give me any tips?

    Thanks in advance
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    I have been doing this for a while now(farming pets, and wanted to hit exalted), and I have to say it is one of the worst fights for us in there. Here is what I do to get them down. First off, clear all the trash so that you don't get punished by those adds rushing in to help the Emps. Now create a simple focus macro that you will use to to shoot LB, and keep flame shock up on the casting Emperor. Get your back to a wall or a corner, target the Emperor with the sword, and just melee him down. Your Lava Lash will do nothing to him, but your primary sources of damage will be Storm strike, Ascendance, and WF procs. This fight take a while but it is very doable. The biggest pains are getting knocked around, having the mobs "switch" on you and losing your melee target, and then the adds coming in if you didn't kill them.

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    pop ascendance lust stormlash fet and maybe a pot on the non magic immune one should be dead or close to dead
    make sure you are in position (back to wall) and preferably just after a swap before you start bursting though

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    Pretty sure I just UE + FS'ed Vek'lor and Stormstrike/Meleed down Vek'nilash.
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    If you put your back into a corner right next to one of the stairs, put on double-WF and just Stormstrike/UE Vek'linash down.
    No need to target-switch like described above if you are above ~470 ilvl.

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    In fact the above method was doable in blue gear before their 5.1 healing nerf. (use EM/PE for extra physical dmg)

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    I have not soloed them as a enha, I did as a retri on 85 though, the problem is indeed the issue with one of them being physically immune and the other one magical, I just made macros with my specific abilities targetting the correct twin.

    In your case it would be something like
    /target Emperor Vek'nilash
    /cast Stormstrike

    Making macros for all of your abilities like that its np, then you just pull Vek'nilash into the corner next to the stairs hes standing on and as soon as they make the first switch both of them should be on top of eachother, spam your normal rotation and eventually they fall over, no decent dps should have problems nuking them harder then they heal especially with the 5.1 healing nerf.

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    Did it yesterday. Get in the corner by the stairs. Double Windfury and just focus the melee. Pops CD's takes a little but you will get it. Oh yeah and Magma to do some damage to caster.

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    This is not working for me. i am getting no where. I am on vek nilash with double WF and i'm getting no where close to out damaging his healing

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