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    So lately I have been switching characters a ton. After MoP came out I have a leveled a paladin (my main since 06) to 90, warrior to 90, shaman to 90 and now a hunter to 90. I have played them all for about a month each and then I got sick of playing all of them, for some reason. Now, I feel like leveling my rogue or make a druid.
    This really bothers me because I really want to stick to one character (and no, I am not going back to my paladin) that I can do all my playing on. Having 4 characters in 90 just makes the entire experience confusing and bothersome.

    If I was to continue on a new main, I would like to play a class that can both heal and dps (thinking about druid or just sticking to my shaman. I like the druid because you can pick your targets as feral)

    Any suggestions on what I could do to get out of this altoholic mindset?
    Meh, that's nothing. In cata a friend of mine had over 20 lvl 85s, 10 on 2 diff realms, and a couple more spread on other realms. Will prob be the same now in mop. He's already leveld like 10 or 11 chars to 90. That's an altoholic :P So you don't need to be worried yet.

    Only thing I can think of is that you decide for yourself what kind of playstyle you prefer, try to get into pvping or raiding with that char, and commit to it. You won't be arsed to do that with all your alts.

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    Which one do you prefer playing the most? That should be a big factor towards which class you decide to focus on most. Also, remember this phrase next time you feel like leveling an alt: "Jack of all trades, master of none."

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