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    [H] Disc Priest or Feral Druid! 16/16N, 4/6H LF Raiding Guild

    WoW Armory: http://us.battle.net/wow/en/characte...njuhs/advanced

    Current Progression: 16/16N, 4/6H(MSV missing Kings,Will).

    I am looking to find a heroic raiding guild focusing on just preparing for 5.2 and to get off the ground running with the next tier. Below I have my availability for raid times and what days I can make and such.

    I also have a feral druid that I could main as well and would not mind switching specs depending on the situation and such. If you are interested please get in touch with me by BattleTag: Jesp#1814

    Raid Availability:
    Mon: Anytime after 5pm CST
    Tues: Busy after 9:30pm CST
    Wed: Anytime after 5pm CST
    Thurs: Anytime after 3pm CST
    Fri: Anytime after 2:30pm CST
    Sat: Free All Day
    Sun: Free All Day

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    The Church is an Alliance 25 man heroic progression guild on Darkspear. We are currently 11/16H, and working on Protectors. We love World of Warcraft, and we aim to offer a vibrant raiding community for PvE raiding. We are a 25-Man progression raiding guild and our #1 focus is killing bosses, but we offer a great community outside of raiding as well. We are always recruiting exceptional players!

    Raid schedule:
    T|W|Th (+Fridays during the first week or two of progression)
    8:00-11:30PM MST

    Church members must exhibit a thorough understanding of their class and how to use it to the benefit of their groups. We like people who can work well with others in stressful situations, who can analyze challenges and offer solutions while accepting the ideas of others, and above all, we look for members who have that rare, but treasured combination of fun-loving maturity.

    We've cleared all content that's been released since the open of BC and have a few accomplishments under our belt:

    Server first Eredar Twins (pre-3.0)
    Server first Algalon 25 man (The Celestial Defender)
    Server first Yogg 0 25 man (Death's Demise)
    Tribute to Insanity 25
    Only guild on Darkspear with Dedicated Insanity
    Server first Heroic Gara'jal the Spiritbinder
    Server first Heroic Spirit Kings 25 man
    Server first Heroic Will of the Emperor 25 man (Delver of the Vaults)

    You can read more about us and apply online at www.churchguild.org or add my battletag “Elpay#1485” if you want to talk more about the guild. Please note, some kind of combat log such as WWS/WMO/WOL will greatly improve your chances of being accepted. First impressions are key.

    P.S: Contrary to our name, we are not a religious guild in any way.

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    Small world, isn't it?

    How long until you leave your guild on Frostwolf to hop to another server? You seemed to be pretty adamant that we shouldn't have known when you transferred away from Stormrage.

    Just your friendly neighbourhood raid leader warning other people about you.

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