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    You can do it actually, but it is a hell of a process. I had two accounts, both in my name but one was for my ex wife. After we divorced, we had contacted Blizzard about getting one of the accounts into her name. It was a long process. Involving multiple phone calls to and from Blizzard, photocopying identification documents like drivers license etc to send to blizzard, written letters from both us yada yada. Honestly it was more damn trouble than it was worth.

    They made it very difficult and in the situation of the OP, seriously, I wouldn't bother. Blizz can do it, but they're very particular about the reasons why they'll allow it. My process took almost two months from start to end. You can call/email blizzard ask them, but for your situation I very much doubt they'd let you.

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    Do you speak about WoW-account (before accounts) or account?

    I used to play with my friends account at the end of tbc and then i made my own account with my friends name and transferred my chars. Then accounts came and i created account with my own name. Never had any problems with Blizzard.

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    Before the merge with a friend gave me one of his characters in tbc.

    I made a new account in his name, transfered his character to my account. (both accounts had his name)

    When the merge came, I put my own name on the account, and was then the owner of his character.

    It's probably not that easy anymore though..

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    There are people on the internet that can change your account name/country etc. they use forged ID's or fake ones, and they take alot of money for that.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Superman-BladesEdge View Post
    Someone lied to ya. Since:

    This is pure fact. Sorry dude
    'Pure Fact' or not, it entirely depends on who answers the phone when you call. I got my step-sister's WoW account (not even the same last names) transferred from her account to mine. We just had to fax in a copy of both of our IDs, as well as the two account names in question. It's entirely possible whether it's against the rules or not. If the CS person wants to do it, they most certainly can.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Tziva View Post
    No, this is not allowed by Blizzard and the person using your account would be considered account sharing in violation of the ToA.

    The only exception to this rule is minor children sharing with their legal guardian. No siblings, spouses, etc.


    Try Recruit a friend maybe for speedier leveling?
    not entirely correct, there have been some EU judgements that your accounts are yours and you can trade them as you like, regardless of the terms of use. Its not been exhaustively tested, but there is an emerging legal basis in the EU for you actually owning your electronic accounts and licences, rather than just being able to use them by the company.

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    Lol just give it to the person, i have 5 accounts for years, got them from friends still play them.

    As long as you pay the bill Blizzard doesnt care

    But legal ownership wont happen.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Firecrest View Post
    This has, literally, nothing to do with the topic at hand.
    And how is that? the OP asked if they can change their account to someone else, the facts given here are that the account belongs to blizzard not the OP and they have no right to give it too some one else.. If they so wish to go down an "against" TOS route that is the OP's choice.

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    Ok now, bare with me, this happened quite some time ago..

    I started playing WoW in November of 05, I stopped playing for a while when I moved in with my girlfriend. She wasn't a gamer but my brother convinced her to play WoW. I had an account, she played on it. I bought myself a copy a few months later.

    We changed the info on it to her info, including email address. (that might have happened at battlenet account merges, I can't remember.)

    Now, this account was still under my name right up until Battlenet merges. She had the battlenet account registered in her name and the wow account put on it.

    Point is, my info was on that WoW account, and now it isn't, my (now) wife's is. We didn't contact blizzard for any of it but it was done in 06.

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    Quote Originally Posted by scotty823j View Post
    And you know this for a fact?.... I heard with the proper paperwork you can transfer your account to another person... or is that just bullshit
    it's just bullshit.

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    I tried everything to get an old account off my could not seem to find a way, but there was this one time while on hold with blizz a pidgeon flew up to the sill of my window while i had the screen open so, i snuck up on it dropped my pants and bare ass farted on it. it made weird sound a flew off briskly, i laughed so hard that when i finally got through i was trying to regain composure and the person that accepted my call just hung up. i sent them a strongly worded email of what happened, and didnt even get an automated response. how rude !

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    Hi all, thought I'd chime in here, we don't explicitly offer to change the account owner's name on an account. There are, however specific circumstances under which we will consider changing the name of the listed account holder, the most common being a Guardian-to-child request. To be clear, gifting the account is not one of the circumstances in which we would be able to update the account holder's name. As ever, you are always welcome to contact us with any specific inquiries.
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    Thank you kindly for your reply Araxom as I was about to ask about a parent to child request.
    It's good to know you guys pop in now and then.
    Thanks again.

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