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    Vuhdo and mouseover macros

    My GM recently talked a bunch of us into switching over to Vuhdo, which has been pretty good so far. I play a warlock and obviously my soulstone is an important spell for me and the ability to target people in my raid frames in the most efficient way possible. I realized that I could set it under the "spells" tab to set my mouse to right click and cast soulstone. I was happy with that option until I got into LFR and realized it wouldn't allow me to cast using this method on dead targets (yeah I know, pointless if I can't use a soulstone on a dead target).

    So I decided to switch back to the method I used in my old standard Blizzard raid frames where I used a mouseover macro to soulstone. This is where I realized that none of my mouseover macros were working on the vuhdo raid frames. This is really bad b/c I use a mouseover macro for several things, most importantly ball passing on Heroic Sha.

    Here's an example of the macro I'm using that worked fine on standard Blizzard frames:

    #showtooltip soulstone
    /use [@mouseover] Soulstone

    If you can tell me whatever I'm doing wrong to make either work in Vuhdo, I'd greatly appreciate it. Thanks!

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    Uhm not sure but i think it should be /cast instead of /use

    On another hand you could use the smart cast option of vuhdo which should allow you to battle rez by klicking on any player that is dead.
    You can find it under /vuhdo opt -> Spells -> Smart Cast -> tick "Battle Rez"
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    #showtooltip Soulstone
    /cast [target=mouseover,exists] [] Soulstone

    Googled and it gave me this.. try it out.

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