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    "Meta-gems and Trinkets

    All of the PvE Legendary meta-gems, the Unerring Vision of Lei-Shen and Rune of Re-Origination now have a reduced chance to proc against players. We're not crazy about hidden penalties like this, but we don't want PvP players to feel obligated to pursue these raid items in order to stay competitive."

    ^ this is good! .. but theres a still a few others that will hurt.. meh. they have a plan probably.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Gunba View Post
    I think what people are missing is that although these trinkets have low/zero ICDs, they also have very low real PPMs. Their actual 'cooldown' will be similar to current PvE trinkets (usually about ~1.5-2minutes) scaling with haste. Additionally, the 'PvE' trinkets that are available to everyone for VP are very strong as well (comparable to heroic trinkets when you have low haste, as they are based off of the old proc chance system). I don't think there is a real issue here.

    for the record; this isnt true..they fk'd with the ppms on the new items.. this thing [crit trink] can proc back to back to back.. then not again for several minutes. i dunno what the story is there but i tested it on the PTR a while back and it was pretty random.. the way it works tho seems like it wouldnt be too crazy in most cases seemed really dangerous to me [hence the thread] and apparently to blizzard too.
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    All pve trinkets have a significantly lower proc chance against players and the buffs they provide are dispellable.

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    I actually think that Blizzard wanted to free up design space for pve, and they were hoping that making pvp trinkets uber in pvp (as in 5.0) would do that. But they really overshot with these trinkets and their highly experimental effects, hence, the reduced procrates in pvp (a first, ever).

    Blizzard is VERY clear about pvp gear being top in pvp this time around. The entire gearing philosophy, including pvp power, makes that crystal clear.

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