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    Cool Warrior DPS for Challenge Dungeon Modes

    Hi guys,

    I was just wondering what some good tips on doing damage as a warrior in Challenge Dungeon modes would be. I'm trying for gold with a pretty decent team composition. I guess my general questions are as followed:

    1. How can I maximize my damage to where it competes at a gold rating level?
    2. Does team composition matter to much?

    (I'm not allowed to post my armory yet) My character is Jackhammer - Korgath

    My team comp consists of: Feral Druid, Ele Shaman, Disc Priest, Prot Pally, and myself Fury war

    Comments, advice, tips, thoughts, threats all welcomes.

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    IMO, Arms is the better spec. The reasoning is that Challenge Mode scales down all your gear, therefore, you have pretty low level of Crit. And as you probably know, Crit is what makes a Fury Warrior do well.

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    To get gold rating? You just have to pull okay damage as well as know the correct spots to do certain things (specifically invis pots).
    How to maximize damage? Like Ochron suggested, I'd go arms, since your stats are lower allowing arms to shine a bit more. 2nd, get the pve gear that has gems. Tier bonuses are disabled, legendary gems are disabled, and gear is scaled to 463. However Hit/Exp won't change and socketed gems won't change. So, having decent itemized gear is great (not necessary) and having the most sockets available on the piece is also great (not necessary).

    Team comp does matter, especially with a warrior dps as I'm certain even arms' trash aoe isn't as good as say a hunters, or ele shaman, or lock, or frost dk. A huge part is the trash packs. Ideally it takes a min-two minutes to kill a boss, but it's the trash between bosses that makes it annoying. That's not to say you can't get gold with any ragtag team. It just makes it harder.

    You have an Ele Sham and Prot Pally, so you should be fine.

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    Hi hammer, I'm currently doing my 3rd play through of CM golds on my alt (warrior) currently I'm playing it as SMF with the exception of aoe trash packs I throw on my TG weapons for pro storm. Anyways our current group comp is Rsham, Prot pally, 2H frost dk, Frost mage, and me SMF warrior, we have no issues beating any times and you have full melee buffs. Only suggestion i would make for maximizing your dmg would be run shockwave for trash or pro storm depending how your group wants to deal with certain trash packs and switch to DR for bosses if you can make the switch. The most important thing if you decide to play SMF in CM golds is know how to burst properly or your damage for bosses is fucked. depending on the boss fight our typical break down is me around 85-100k our dk at 70-85k and our mage at 65-75k with prot pally still up around 30-40k.

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    Did them all as SMF. I'd recommend Bladestorm over shockwave if your comp can get away without the stun, BB+BS or Reckstorm makes some of the harder pulls a joke. Learn when to use your CDs for maximum benefit. Crit buff is extremely useful.
    Flawless - Go casual or go home.

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    I did almost everything in TG.
    Bladestorm under full cd is AMAZING. ~700k dps burst aoe, I even reached 1m dps. We had a destru warlock who was not very good in aoe dps but very strong in against boss, which was perfect with our comp since our survival hunter and I did so much aoe dps.

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    I would suggest u go arms for reasons mentioned above. IF ure doing the dungeons where ure going to do massive pulls and need to pull off insane aoe damage (like the big trash pull after 1st boss in Jade Temple) - go tg with bladestorm.

    I'd also suggest u get the dragonling as it's very strong for 450 ilvl, doesnt scale down, and the proc can aoe aswell. Also: tier-bonuses doesnt work in challenge modes, so just get gear with crit on it to maximize the amount of crit u have.

    All of this might help u if ure struggling with dps, but i did it as smf (!!) without dragonling and in tier gear, and I wouldnt suggest this unless u have a strong group with good players and ure not really forced to optimize ur dps.

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    If you're uncomfortable with arms Fury is fine if you prioritize your gear for gem sockets;
    Even scaled down I have 20% crit /without/ focusing on the gear just because of the gem slots - So it is entirely possible to play Fury in CM's and do fine.

    You have an Ele Shaman and I feel Shaman/Warrior DPS combo is the best you can do as a partner. (Skull Banner + Ascendance.)
    Make absolutely sure that the last DPS spot is filled by somebody who can bring a crit buff however if you go Fury.
    From the looks of it you don't though - I may be extremely tired and forgetting something.

    I got my Siege gold without a crit buff as Fury though so if you guys play extremely well it won't be an issue outside maybe Brewery.
    (BM Monk - Disc Priest - Destro Lock - Ele Sham - TG Fury Warrior)

    And yes; TG Bladestorm is absolutely insane burst AoE damage. I don't think I've gone Shockwave since the first CM I did at launch - Which ended as a Silver.
    If you can go Bladestorm do it.

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