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    [A]Brutally Honest Khaz'goroth late night 10m LFM

    Brutally Honest is a newly formed late-night Australian raiding guild.

    Our core members have raided since Vanilla and have come to appreciate shorter, more efficient runs. We have fun and enjoy what we're doing, but we're there to kill bosses and quickly move through content.

    Currently 6/12 ToT

    Scheduled raids are:

    Wednesday: 11:30PM - 2:30AM.
    Thursday: 11:30PM - 2:30AM.
    Sunday: 11:30PM - 2:30AM.
    Monday: 11:30PM - 2:30AM.

    All times are listed in GMT+10.

    We're fairly late to the game this tier so our long term goal is to clear all current normal mode content and a few HM's to gear up in preparation for next tier where we will make a firm push for respectable ranks.

    We are looking for skilled and dedicated players who can commit to our raid schedule, aren't prone to random AFK's or DC's, don't stand in fire, and are happy to have a bit of a laugh while pushing through content.

    If you think we're the guild for you please visit our website brutally-honest.guildlaunch.com/ or in game contact Everlilly (BT: Everlilly#1600) or Drakar (BT: Drakar#6209)
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    Looking for good casters for ToT progression.

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    still looking for strong ranged!

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    bump for 6/12 still on the lookout for solid ranged!

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    still looking for ranged dps and a non pally/priest would be nice!

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