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    Tihan HC vs. Loshan normal

    I apologise in advance if this topic have been put to table again before and I didn't notice.

    I need your opinion/advise on what is better for a holy paladin to use

    Tihan, Scepter of the Sleeping Emperor 502 (WIll of the Emperor hc) or Loshan, Terror Incarnate 496 (Tsulong normal) with crit reforged to spirit

    I know Tihan is perfectly itemized with spirit/mastery while Loshan is terribly itemized (with crit/haste). And to be honest, even with only the legendary sha-gem of +500 intelect on it, Tihan still seemed slightly more appealing to me.

    However! The newly added "buckle" on the sha-touched sword changes the balance. For, with a +320 spirit on it, Loshan (reforged) turns out to be superior on crit, haste, spell power AND now on spirit as well (letting mastery being its only minus).

    Looking forward for your comments.

    Kind regards.
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    Loshan with 500int & the extra gem slot is far superior.

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