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    "remember to take all things in moderation! (Even World of Warcraft!)"

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    Flip flop, flip flop, flip flop. All I'm seeing in MoP is Blizzard has no clue what to do anymore. They bring in a new system, then ditch it, bringing back the old one. Now it's bring back an old raid gating system that was barely around to start with. If they seriously want to limit people's attempts and not have them just plow through everything, bring back the ToC one-new-boss-added-a-week. That will slow people down.

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    For those of you thinking that because heroic rags took like 500 tries for the server first it will take over 10 weeks to do this boss at 30 attempts per week, your wrong. Those 500 attempts are at the absolute minimum gear level needed to beat the encounter. If you fail to down him on 1 week, you will be more geared the next week, and the boss will be more forgiving in that sense.

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    So almost everyone hated the limited attempts model during wrath so they decide to randomly bring it back for throne of thunder? I mean didn't you guys even say at the end of wrath that you hated the limited attempts idea and were not going to bring it back?

    It is going to be a blast waiting 30mins for CDs such as shamans ankh to reset between almost every pull.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Conscious View Post
    Blizzard just loves to contradict and back-peddle these days eh, subscribers are king.
    I for one am offended that an entity that exists to make money is interested in making money.

    Truly, truly offended.


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    Hello people!!!!))))XlurewXa

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    Quote Originally Posted by Daralii View Post
    I for one am offended that an entity that exists to make money is interested in making money.

    Truly, truly offended.

    Right on! game policies based on maximising profit are always good news for the consumer!

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    I read the blue post on limited attempts, remember how hated it was in LK and then I thank God I no longer play WOW. The disconnect they have to the actual play base is astounding.

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    There are several things I'd love to point out:

    First of all, the Vanilla community was NOT any better than the community is today: plain and simple. In Vanilla you had your server and those people where the only interactions you had. Now, think back, do you remember those couple assholes on the server that EVERYONE hated? Well, guess what! Those still exist, except now, due to CRZ and LFR/LFG, you get to deal with the assholes from damn near EVERY server. So get over it, the community has always had their bad eggs, we've just never had them so in our face and around every concern. Do you know the ONLY place I've ever seen decent Vanilla communities? On Private servers dedicated to Vanilla content because we were all like minded individuals who had things in common!

    Secondly, I LOVE you vocal majority. At present only 480 Guilds have killed Heroic Sha of Fear, while 26,583 have killed Normal Will of the Emperor. Tell me, vicious MMO-Champion Posters who assault the design of Blizzard, how many bosses have YOU killed? And, let me guess, every single on of you is 16/16 Heroic, right? So, once again, get over yourselves. I'd say 80% of you will likely never even stand in the same room as Ra-Den, much less likely wipe to him. Do I expect to get to him and be in the Top 50 guilds in the world? FUCK NO. I'm 5/16 Heroic and don't expect to ever even get one attempt on Ra-Den.

    So, to sum this Rant up: Shut up and let the World Class Guilds decide how this limited encounters stuff plays out.

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    Am i the only one who thinks that NONE of the complainers here will ever see this encounter, at least in this Tier?

    So why are you complaining: I am sure that this restriction will be removed in 5.4 when you may be able too see it.

    I thank God I no longer play WOW
    I thank god too that you are no longer playing WoW!

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    Only 30 Attemps ?!? to hard ...

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    Although I do not participate in progressive heroic raiding, I think the limited attempts per lockout system will be a nice challenge for those who are aiming for server/world first. As the wipes stack up as does the pressure. I like it and think it will add even more prestige for those raiders who manage to achieve server/world firsts. In fact I would absolutely love to watch a stream of a progressive guild reaching that wipe cap and see how they manage that pressure. I could be completely wrong and it could turn out horrible. We'll have to see.

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    When we will see new player models?

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