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    Diving Boots - Engineering Item Idea

    Hey guys,

    I'm personally thrilled to see the love that engineering has received so far this expansion, and with the introduction of a crafted 2-person "Sky Claw" mount with 5.2, this trend seems to be continuing. However, I have an idea for an item for engineering which I have wanted for a long time now - indeed, ever since levelling through the Thousand Needles and Vashj'ir in Cataclysm.

    Diving boots. I loved the fact that in these zones you could essentially 'walk' on the sea floor - I found it a really cool and enjoyable feature to walk along the bottom of the ocean, to be able to 'sleep' and 'sit' in shipwrecks and whatnot. However, you're only able to ever experience this particular feature in these two zones - in every other zone the closest you can get to this is by swimming laterally along the sea floor, and of course, you can't perform any of the emotes like /sleep or /sit which, in my eyes, makes it such a cool tool. There's a lot of cool stuff outside of these zones at the bottom of the sea, with loads of shipwrecks, coral reefs and sprawling ruins - it'd be awesome to be able to 'walk' through these places.

    So I was thinking that it would be awesome if Blizz made an item for engineering that allowed you to do just this - to be able to walk along the ocean floor in any body of water. They could be called, or indeed thought of as, 'Weighted Diving Rocket-Boots'. They would naturally allow walking on the sea floor, and similar to the buffs in the aforementioned zones, and would give a speed boost while walking at the bottom of the sea (but not while swimming). They could also perhaps have a swimming speed boost which could be on a cooldown, by toggling the rocket boosters while swimming.

    I don't at all expect this to actually be implemented - much like my Iron Man-esque idea for a suit of engineering armour with a flying mount function that is attained gradually via an awesome quest chain - but engineering is indeed the profession for fun items in WoW, so I will continue to hope that it is.

    So what do you all think of this idea? Would you like to see an item like this added to engineering?
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    I always wondered why Engineers couldn't turn Mimiron's Head into a submarine-esque vehicle, similar to how the Seahorses function underwater.

    But yeah, it'd be nice to have engineering go back to it's "niche" role among professions with an array of gadgets that provide utility or amusement. This is just one idea that emphasises that role.
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