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    Lightbulb [H] insane legion @Twisting nether Recruiting ! 13/16HC

    Hello !
    Insane Legion is an international guild , we are trying to achieve our goals with mature , friendly and serious raiding atmosphere .

    We are type of those guys who put their guild infront of themselves and upgrade their character in the best way that raid can benefit from it , including profession change / spec change / reforge / enchant / gem etc .

    About insane legion :
    -We are a semi-hardcore raiding guild.
    -We raid wed-thurs-sun-mon-tues 19-22:30 and close to 100% attendance better (18:45 invite starts) !
    -We use loot council .
    -Our communication tool is TS 3+ , we expect you to be able to communicate ! ( talk when needed)

    What we need :
    -We need raiders with strong mind & moral which is not getting tired of wipes over hard fights !
    -Good attitude, attendance & performance is flowing in our core raiding veins ! we want that .
    -We need skilled players! you might ask what does skills mean in our mind ? Skill = You can perform any reasonable job/task leaders ask you with any gear at any time with your main or alt .
    -You don’t have problem with sitting out of progressive raids which is regular in 10mans .
    -You are not a loot***** , you take criticism , you try to fix it !
    -You can play offspec .
    -You have a high motivation towards raids ( not only for gear ) .
    -Doesnt matter what class you are we are looking for intelligent dpsers to burn recounts , healers to keep us alive ; even do more than that some times cover our mistakes & we are looking for nimble tanks with fast reactions!
    -Team work!

    Recruitment status:
    DK (high)
    Mage (high)
    Sp (high)

    ♣ for private application /w Guko ingame ♣


    Thanks for your time.
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    i should add we are 10man

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    lock / rogue / dk / mage / sp

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    Quote Originally Posted by grik View Post
    lock / rogue / dk / mage / sp
    100% spot avialable

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