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    Jungle cleave in 5.2, viable?

    Hey all,

    Was wondering if anyone had some insight on whether jungle cleave would be competitive in 5.2 (BM/Feral/+healer).

    Also what healer would work best with this setup.

    Thanks in advance.

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    jungle cleave will be viable, shaman and priest would do the healing job, whatever u prefer

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    Very bursty comp. Still a lot of CC after clone nerf.

    Shaman, Priest, Pala and Monk would all work with it. Shaman and Priest are better because their CC doesn't DR with scatter/trap/web. Priest better than Shaman because of feral symbiosis giving disperse.

    Priest > Shaman >>> Pala/Monk.

    Will be viable, maybe not top-top-top tier but easily 2.2k+ viable.

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    Also note that druid will take symbiosis from the priest now for disperse, which also gives disc cyclone xxD
    2 things that will make this comp even better. innerfocus> clone could be pretty clutch.
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