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    Questing in Pandaria, but not in the Jade Forest?

    I have many 85s who I'd like to get to 90. Thing is that after 4 times, I really don't want to exp in the Jade Forest again. Any way to not? If yes, where should I go? What path to follow through the regions?

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    Do twilight highlands, uldum, battlegrounds, dungeons. That's about your only option. It's a similar case with Outlands and how many people hate Hellfire, because there is no alternative at 58 (Zangarmarsh quests aren't available until 60).

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    not really. you dont get to switch zones until 86. you can pick either Valley of 4 winds or Krassarang. getting to 86 without doing Jade forest.. is pretty much BG's or Dungeons.

    although once in the zone, you arent forced to do every single quest in a special order. you can ride off into a weird direction and like do some quests you havent done. this works in every zone to help keep it fresh.
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    Farm rested, do dungeons through 85 (not that bad, I did it without rested and it didn't take too long). Then skip to Valley.

    Personally I don't find Jade forest that bad. Its valley and the last part of Kun Lai that is.

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    If you left Twilight highlands till 85 you might get a decent portion of the exp through, but you'd defiantly need to do dungeons alongside it.

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    With rested experience, and the two dungeons, you'll be 86 before you've finished the quests with the Jin'yu. It's very quick.
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    So, It's like 85->dung to 86-> Krassarang?

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    Chain dungeons, hunt rare spawns and rare item spawns (I logged a char out right next to the amber-encased moth in townlong steppes and checked it every 1-3 hours, very easy xp).
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