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  • Illidan Stormrage

    56 42.42%
  • Kel'Thuzad

    6 4.55%
  • Deathwing

    3 2.27%
  • Kil'jaeden

    36 27.27%
  • The Lich King

    31 23.48%
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    Quote Originally Posted by resonance7982 View Post
    there always has to be a lich king

    Easy to bring back. The lich king is alive, Arthas is dead. We just need Bolvar to go rogue, send a few dead corpses over the ditch, and there you have it.....

    At least this would give Tirion something to do......

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    I love Kel'Thuzad's ya never know with a guy who basically died on purpose the first time. Actually any guy who dies and then you can refer to it as 'the first time' I'd say it's fairly easy to imagine returning again.
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    Kil'jaeden first because we only denied him entry in azeroth and knowing him the rage is over 9000 and illidan because it's death don't make sense at all.
    Quote Originally Posted by caervek View Post
    Obviously this issue doesn't affect me however unlike some raiders I don't see the point in taking satisfaction in this injustice, it's wrong, just because it doesn't hurt me doesn't stop it being wrong, the player base should stand together when Blizzard do stupid shit like this not laugh at the ones being victimised.

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    I'd much rather see new plot lines developed over the coming few years. We've seen a lot of new content built within Mists of Pandaria, and it is nice to have something completely new, that is still being fleshed out as we travel around the continent.

    Constantly relying on original characters from the Warcraft series is fine, and while there are still many great characters left, I can't imagine the list lasting forever.

    That said, despite the fact we've cut of Onixyas head three times now, I see no reason why Illidan couldn't return, as I quite like him as a character, and more so after the End Time Heroic.

    Kel'thuzad would be quite nice, but the main issue I have with a lot of these returning characters is, I already feel as if I have defeated them, even after their return. The character is the same, the story is the same, so the sense of overcoming new enemies is lost on "re-hashed bosses".

    Kel'thuzad felt new to me in Wrath, as I never got around to killing him in Classic, but if he was to return again, I'd feel a little annoyed, as I've personally destroyed him several times.

    All comments are my own personal views & opinions.

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    From the poll options:

    Illidan Stormrage: Maybe, sure wouldn't mind seeing him be a badass, don't think he was that amazing in TBC.
    Kel'Thuzad: Guess he could return since we didn't grab his plylactery, but I dunno who'd rezz him, so bet he's not gonna be coming back.
    Deathwing: Would be nice with a more interesting fight than Spine/Madness, but he's gone, don't care much for him, the end.
    Kil'jaeden: We only smacked him a little in the face so he'll be back and I wanna see how we handle a commander of the Legion.
    The Lich King: Nope, Arthas is gone and Bolvar is the Jailer, we're done with them I feel.

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    The Lich King

    I really dislike the idea/theory of Arthas overwhelming the mind of Ner'zhul when they merged together. I always though of The 2nd Lich King (Arthas/Ner) to be a completely separate sentience with a combination of the minds of both beings, in fact unless I am mistaken there a quest in the Wrath Beta that had the Lich King referring to the fact that he could sense shamanistic powers or referenced that he was a shaman at one time, in reflection to his Ner'zhul side.

    I don't want Arthas back somehow (unless by some kind of lore shattering time paradox with the Bronze Flight), I just want the armor to make a comeback with Ner'zhul's mind and soul still bound to it, maybe taking control of Bolvar to attack us.

    The way my dream vision of the original Lich King fight would of gone down would of been like this:
    -Battle Lich King for first phase/phases.
    -Tirion manages to strike him down and somehow remove Arthas from the merged being, similar to the death scene at the end.
    -Ner'zhul takes control once more of the Lich King armor, attacking possibly as a phantom/ghostly form wearing the floating pieces of the armor and Frostmourne.
    -final phase/or heroic only: Ner'zhul uses all of his necromantic energy to create a giant looming snake-like abomination formed by the countless dead bodies and Scourge in the area, towering big enough to reach the top of the Frozen Throne , a viscous creature formed of bone, flesh, guts and anything else you can think of with the pieces of the Lick King armor imbedded into the fleshy colossus to control it. The now freed Arthas would attempt one last bit of salvation for his soul and would help the heroes along side Tirion to kill Ner'zhul.

    But with the non-existent chance in the future the Bronze Dragonflight would make us go back in time and fight a parallel series of events, that didn't happen. The way I would like to see the Lich King return now a days would be with some reason we would need to return to Northrend and in the process find that the remaining Scourge have been held in check by Bolvar. Possibly we would even return to Icecrown Citadel to have a meeting with the new Lich King who would agree to aid heroes in whatever reason they are there, like maybe a return of the Legion which would definitely be a reason for the new Bolvar-controlled Scourge to possibly have similar goals as the Alliance and Horde. So anyway there would be some new rep faction group made up of the Bolvar-controlled Scourge and blah blah blah somehow along the line Ner'zhul manages to take control of Bolvar's body (perhaps by Legions doing) and we need to strike him down once and for all.

    I would actually really like to see Algalon make a return appearance in the game, maybe not as a boss, but maybe more as a medium between the mortal races and the Titans, maybe re-encountering him in a new Titan complex and with the change of heart he had at the end of our last encounter he would be willing to use the Titan's own machines to give the races of the world a fighting chance should the makers return in an attempt to re-create Azeroth, possibly acting as a bit of a spy for us to see what they are up to and revealing more about the war against the Old Gods and the first demons of the Twisting Nether and other secrets only the Titan's would know.

    Also one boss not on the list: Mannoroth.
    Unless I am mistaken his soul should have returned back to the Twisting Nether upon being killed by Grom correct? I could see him being a general on a Legion-controlled world like Argus if we ever get there.
    (and yeah I know we don't really fight him in the game besides Well of Eternity but I am counting his WC3 appearance/death)
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    I had a hard time deciding which of the mentioned characters in the poll I'd vote for, but eventually I chose Illidan Stormrage. That does not mean I wouldn't enjoy having to fight the Lich King or Kil'jaeden again either, should the opportunity and lore arrive at some point.

    In general I loved fighting the characters I played with in Warcraft 3 and TFT. But I personally feel that it was too early to kill off Illidan since they could've used him much more in the fight versus the Burning Legion. The same applies for The Lich King.

    I'd rather not fight Kel'thuzad or Deathwing again, due to the mechanics of the fights as well as their rather dull lore (In my personal opinion. I realize some do not share my view). They were both boring and I never felt like I defeated a major villain but merely a puppet. I've never been a huge fan of the Old Gods and I probably never will. A former guardian of the earth who turns into his polar opposite does not interest me in any way.
    In the case of Kel'thuzad I find his lore boring simply because he's not unique in any way what so ever. We've seen many necromancers and other types of sorcerers being turned into Liches (Hello Deathwhisper, Amnenner, Thel'zan etc just to name a few). What is so special about Kel'thuzad?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bufsta View Post

    Easy to bring back. The lich king is alive, Arthas is dead. We just need Bolvar to go rogue, send a few dead corpses over the ditch, and there you have it.....

    At least this would give Tirion something to do......
    Id rather whoop tirions ass and steal his shinys - Illidan, because hes like still alive and is probably gonna come back in w/e burning legion expac(s) come out.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Jibjabb View Post
    Its 100% Kil'jaeden because I can gaurantee you he will be a boss again in the future since he isnt dead nor was he ever dead. Only pushed back into the nether.

    If they brought back Illidan I dont think it would be as a boss because they dont want him to die, they like his character. They'd find some way to put him on our side.
    I would love Illidan to come back, but yes i think you're right. They like his character alot and would probaly make him an ally and do some story to remove his demonic corruption he picked up in WC3 to make him a normal elf demon hunter again.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Arrashi View Post
    after just seeing results of morality bukkake on garrosh

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    Logically we will probably face old KJ again at some point, seeing he's still out there somewhere, serving his boss.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Joycemiester View Post
    IF blizzard could come up with a plausible way to bring them back, at least on par with bosses that have returned in the past.
    Who would you want to face again but in a new encounter? Why did you choose this boss?
    These are all end of raid bosses.

    None of them I would love to face C'Thun.
    Bad - This is a bad player, he refuses to learn how to play correctly.
    Casual - This is a player that will let everything else take priority over wow.
    Hardcore - This is a player that is fine with putting things on hold while he's on wow.
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    Casual/Hardcore - Measure of Time

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    We've never defeat Kil'Jaeden, just push him back to Twisting Nether. Kel'Thuzad phylactery was never destroyed so we might face them again, and it would be cool if you ask me. Illidan is a tricky one, as deamon cant really die, if you ask me we goin to see illidan again as well. Kael and Arthas are truly dead, so i don't think we will fight them again.

    As for topic i would like to kick KJ ass in Burning Legion Capital World (which is propably Argus)

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    Quote Originally Posted by Hyve View Post
    That said, despite the fact we've cut of Onixyas head three times now
    Because it's constantly brought up, lorewise we have killed Onyxia twice, and second time she was undead.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Joycemiester View Post
    Deathwing, at the time or writing has no votes. No surprise there then.
    Well, I feel they really ruined Deathwing with his raid. The ride on his back was decent because his size gets shown quite accurately. But the tentacle party ruined it completely. In that sense, I think Deathwing deserved a better death than this meaningless pile of shit.

    Still, I think Deathwing's story and motivation have been played out, so I don't see why he should return. It could be cool to see him return as a good guy though, as Neltharion.

    That said, Illidan wasn't really a bad guy. He was in the grey area the whole time, he even wanted to take out the Lich King for us.
    He was cast out by his brother Malfurion and that's when he gathered shady friends as well, but in the end he betrayed the Burning Legion so that doesn't make him evil neccesarily. Killing him didn't feel epic, it felt like it was needed for gameplay but storywise there was no point. That's why I agree with the poll results so far that Illidan should return. Though, why as a raid boss I must ask? Let him return as a character in the grey area, we don't have enough of those. Wrathion is lame compared to Illidan.

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    i am sick of all this remake shit. Hard enough to swallow to have to kill bosses week over week, so i dont need it addon over addon.

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    What? No Onxyia in the poll? I am disappoint.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ripponesan View Post

    i am sick of all this remake shit. Hard enough to swallow to have to kill bosses week over week, so i dont need it addon over addon.
    then don't stick to pvp or w/e you like...

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    Out of those, KJ is the only good choice. We never killed him and I'm 99% sure that we'll see him yet again. And if Illidan is to return somehow, at least don't make him a raid boss, please!

    Also Kel'thuzad could be remotely logical, because we never destroyed his phylactery. Just like Illidan, he also never got a proper screen time in WoW, even though they already brought him back once.

    Deathwing would be absolutely out of question. Lich King could theoretically work, what with Bolvar being in charge now and such, but to be honest, that would feel cheap. Lich King got a good story and it seriously feels finished, so no reason to bring him back in my opinion.

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    KJ, acting Lord of the burning legion, as villain of his own expansion.
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    Of the lot, KJ. He was never killed or fodderized (we never fought him at 100%, either) and the guy has a legitimate window of return to work with.

    I don't mind Illidan coming back, but I'd rather he be a former-big bad-turned-dark hero (think Sarevok from Baldur's Gate) instead of a straight villain again.

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