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    EU Searching for new home server!

    So as topic indicates, I'm looking for a new server to play on.

    Been thinking about Ravencrest or Sylvanas, and I'm currently on Outland.

    Looking for a server where PvE and PvP is equally weighted, and where the population is either, high, full, or locked. - Must be PvP server.

    Any1 able to tell me a bit about the servers mentioned above?

    Oh and btw.. I'm playing alliance!


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    Had a lot of people migrating from Sylvannas to Frostwhisper recently, not sure about Alliance side, but Horde apparently its just too crowded over there, meanwhile FW is a decent server with good activity across the board, more Horde than Alliance favoured but not enough to make it matter

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    I've obviously already looked at that website - Trying to get some more information on the servers from people who've experienced it first handedly.

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