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    Admitted botter, blizz doesnt care

    I submitted a ticket to Blizz telling them I was a botter. They said "Thats nice, we don't care".


    Since this is a new account i cant show pics so here is the link to the screenshot of the ticket

    Infracted for trolling
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    That doesn't tell me they don't care.

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    I don't see a link. I feel that you're a t***l.

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    I wanna see pictures before I speculate anything as it seems a new account is trying to start something.
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    For all they know, you could be the account owner's retarded little sibling that thought it would be funny to get the account banned while the actual player is afk.

    Trash thread.
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    Admitting to botting like that could end up in 2 ways imo:
    a) They cannot just outright ban you because lack of proof (Admitting ain't a proof in case someone else made it, or whatever).
    b) They believe you and you will be banned in the next bot ban wave.

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    Here's the link for the OP:


    Also, they just said they can't lock accounts on command. They need to have evidence that you are botting.
    You saying you are botting doesn't count as real evidence.
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    This is about you being childish.
    It says nothing about how Blizzard takes on botters.
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    They said they had systems in place, your account is obviously now flagged as a possible bot account, will possibly get banned in the next round, they gave you several methods of quitting.

    I see anything but 'we don't care'.

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    You may want to make another ticket and quite this from the Licence Agreement:
    This License Agreement is effective until terminated. You may terminate the License Agreement at any time by (i) permanently destroying all copies of the Game in your possession or control; (ii) removing the Game Client from your hard drive; and (iii) notifying Blizzard of your intention to terminate this License Agreement. Blizzard may terminate this Agreement at any time for any reason or no reason. Upon termination for any reason, all licenses granted herein shall immediately terminate and you must immediately and permanently destroy all copies of the Game in your possession and control and remove the Game Client from your hard drive.
    Now, terminating the license agreement should mean your account will be closed for good.

    If that doesn't work, just change your password to something you won't remember. Hell, you can change your email to a new dummy hotmail account with another password you don't remember. Also do that with your secret question/answer. Also attach an authenticator that you then remove from your phone.
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    lol really? how did you get "we dont care" from "we cant close your account just because you asked if you are using a bot and we detect it though we will"

    seriously? what if you DIDNT want to quit and one of your douchebag friends did the exact same thing as a prank the next morning you go to log on and your account is banned? how would you feel?

    some people are just dumb O-O
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    This definitely isn't going anywhere constructive.

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