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    Need opinion's/help

    So, i just dinged 90 a few hours ago and I wanted to play as a fire mage. I looked up some pages on the internet and found out that a lot of people hate fire becuase of it's low dps. But is this true? Is the fire spec really that bad?

    Are fire simply lacking behind on the dps meter?

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    Fire - burst & mobility & aoe RLZ
    Arcane - single target & no mobility
    Frost - in the middle of all

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    This question is asked almost daily and usually those topics aren't very "friendly" in the end.
    I'll sum it up for you, but please, take a minute or two and use the search button before opening a new topic, that'd be helpful .

    Fire scales, and has always scaled a lot with gear, its a gear reliant spec (because it need to crit to be able to do well), so in general, it's not effective with low ilvl.

    In 5.1, fire spec is "competitive" at higher ilvl (500+) though not the higher dps spec.
    Frost, and arcane are better for "low ilvl" aswell as high ilvl if you are searching for "the best" damage output atm.

    Though, all of this can change when 5.2 hits, there's a lot of changes on the PTR, so right now there's no way to know which spec will be the best, we'll just have to wait.

    PS : If you're not in a competitive guild, just try all the specs and play the one you enjoy the most.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bluebeam View Post
    Fire - burst & mobility & aoe RLZ
    Arcane - single target & no mobility
    Frost - in the middle of all
    Not true, but i'll not begin a debate in this thread...

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    You can play the spec you prefer.
    The difference in DPS isn't enough, except for heroic serious raiding.
    The answers is 42

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    Personally, I'm usually the top DPS running as fire in my guild than I am running as another spec. The issue is it is very gear reliant as has been previously said. Once you get the rotation and combustion down, it's insane on the numbers. We will see what happens when 5.2 rolls around though

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    Well, I'm of the opinion that all those damage simulations and stats, only really matter on top, high-end hardcore raiding guilds, with top of the line gear and excellent players that can pull even the last drop of dps from their specs.

    I have never been at that level, so I always just go with the spec I like most, and these are my very general results:

    Arcane spec: Great dps, easy to learn, you'll do good dps from day 1, but boooooring to play.

    Frost spec: The one I am currently using, it's also easy to learn, it will also do great dps from day 1, but in my opinion, you need to practice more to squeeze out the most dps, and it certainly is more fun to play than arcane.

    Fire: My favorite spec overall, I love it's gameplay and the MoP change with Inferno Blast, that gives us a certain level of control over the RNG, but the thing is, if you go with fire, you will suck :P For the first dungeons and raids, your dps will most likely be lower than the rest, even if you follow guides perfectly. It takes a lot of practice and experience to be able to react quickly to the numbers you see, timing your fireballs, so you don't lose a heating up proc, knowing when to hit combustion etc After some time though, and depending how much you actually like the spec and if you play it enough, you should start learning, and I've seen that it does really good dps on almost any fight

    Fire \o/

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