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    Quote Originally Posted by Voyager View Post
    I guess someone doesn't like virmen :P
    I hated the Horde questline in Jade Forest. Why? Because the Hozen were just 24/7 poop jokes. Virmen would have made better allies for the Horde, and would have been funny for more than just 13-15 year olds.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Pebrocks The Warlock View Post
    Then why even comment?

    OT: A tie between Valley and Dread.
    OP wanted to know. I'll agree though, I don't have one, they're all the same to me. Dread was kinda cool though I guess.

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    I like Kun'Lai Summit the most. The zone looks absolutely gorgeous. Questing progress is cool too, especially when you think he are nearly done, you get snowy area's and Zandalari stuff. Awesome!

    The zone(s) i dislike to most is Townlong Steppes and Dread Wastes. Why? Blizzard clearly doesn''t understand the definition of Steppes. It should be an empty treeless landscape, but both Townlong Steppes and Dread Wastes (which used to be a subzone of Townlong Steppes in early development) are not treeless in fact Blizzard put some big ass trees in it.

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    karasang wilds decent questing good looks and peaceful fishing ahhh
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    Oh man they are all great. Okay least favorite is Karasang Wilds. Vale and Valley are really peaceful and serene. Overall good designs and the quests in Valley are hilarious. Dread Wastes had a really dark feel, but excellent. I loved Kunlai/the Steppes because I am a history guy so I was into the Mongol/Yangol Race and the SHADOPAN rock. That leaves Jade Forest as the winner. You start Pandaria with a bang and the quest line is epic. The Cloudserpent dailies are also the easiest and my favorite vanity reward outside the Shadopan (who I have a very strange fascination with). The environment, music, etc all epic.

    Other content, I think the Mogu is a cool race. Mogushan Vaults are nice, but the Heart of Fear is an epic raid. So Heart of Fear gets my favorite raid. Favorite heroic either Mogushan Palace or, you guessed Shadopan Monastery.

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    Quote Originally Posted by dokhidamo View Post
    I hated the Horde questline in Jade Forest. Why? Because the Hozen were just 24/7 poop jokes. Virmen would have made better allies for the Horde, and would have been funny for more than just 13-15 year olds.
    nah man I'm 22 I think the Hozen are hilarious. Annoying...but hilarious!

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    Jade Forest is my favorite

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    I don't really like the MoP zones at all. If I had to pick a favorite its probably Kun-Lai, but only for the northern part with the snow and grassland.

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    Kun-Lai Summit for me. It is such a gorgeous place and the mountains are beautifully done. Also it has some of the best music in the game with this expansion for me. I could just be idle in the mountains and listen to the music all day. Finally, the Temple of the White Tiger is breathtaking as well.

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    Dread Wastes>>>>>>>

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    Probably Townlong for the visuals.

    As for questing it's completely irrelevant since every single quest hub in all of MoP was the same: Pick up 3 quests. 1 quest to kill X number of enemies, 1 quest to loot Y number of items off the ground, and 1 quest to loot Z number of items off a different type of mob.

    So my favorite zone is Townlong Steppes, but frankly they're all identical in everything other than looks.

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    Jade Forest feels like they put about 40% more thought and effort into it than the rest of the continent, so that.
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    honestly? dont think any one stands out as overly enjoyable.

    I think the best is the Panda starting zone. to be honest I was really not that impressed with Pandaria zones, they are not awful, but they dont get much above mediocre at best.

    Jade forest is probably the nicest zone, though I cant forgive them the appalling stupid quests and story of the monkey people for horde. maybe the alliance fish people are better and less juvenile. sorry, I reached a point where poop jokes are not the height of humor, its called puberty, hopefully the developers in charge of quests in JF will get there someday.

    Actually no, I have a favorite. Kun Lai, not for the quest, the scenary or any of that> But because its fun to goblin glider off the top of the mountain and see how far you can get!
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    Vale of Eternal blossoms because i don't have to level there

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    Visually? Jade Forest, incredible detail in the landscapes and a great introduction to MoP, in fact the two zones I do not like, visually, are the dread wastes and krasarang.
    I ended up not liking the vale of eternal blossoms because of aaaaall the dailies there, but Jade Forest and the Valley of the Four Winds, remain my favorites ^^

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    Kun-Lai because I love mt. neverest.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Nienor91 View Post
    in fact the two zones I do not like, visually, are the dread wastes and krasarang.

    Those are my favorite zones. Krasarang reminds me of Darkshore and Stranglethorn Vale. Lush and still dark. Dreadwastes had good quests and stood out from the rest of the continent, which is basically just green meadows.

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    Jade forest by far is my favorite zone in terms of looks.

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    Classic: STV
    TBC: Blades Edge
    WOTLK: Howling Fjord
    CATA: Uldum
    MOP: Didnt connect to any of the zones tbh :S
    (Favorite Zones by the looks, not the quests btw!).

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    Kun-Lai Summit visually, might have been Vale of Eternal Blossoms if not for the awful music and dailies.

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