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    Nice summary, there are a couple of things in there I hadn't thought about myself.
    Indeed, this practically covers like 90% of the fury gameplay outside of opening rotation.

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    I forgot to say it but it's not exactly a priority order. I just stated how each spell is supposed to be used and the principles to follow.

    For instance, concerning the RB procs outside of a CS window, if you have an RB proc and it's long before CS is available, you have three gcd to use RB while enraged: BT-x1-x2-BT-x3.
    If BS procs at the same time, it's better to delay RB an do: BT-ws-ws-ws-BT-RB. Above 20% hp, you can almost always delay RB and take the time to think whether you should use the proc or wait for CS. (Below 20%, you can use RB whenever it's available, there' no need to delay it, except in rare situations like 4+ target fights.)

    And of course, I did not mention that CS is supposed to be used when available.

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