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    Warlock are always worth playing
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    Well I do have a penis attached to me as well but I dont know 'a lot' about it, I dont even know how it tastes. Maybe you do.
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    Everyone who does not miss Vanilla has no heart. Whoever wishes it back has no brain.

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    I'll take a SP over a lock any day of the week, no question asked, no regrets

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    Can someone tell me the Pros and Cons of a warlock? (Strengths/Weaknesses)? I've fought plenty, but I'm contemplating whether finishing my level 88 lock is worth it or is it another Elemental shaman.

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    Eh they don't have much tools for dealing with melee except demo. A lot of spells are cast time for aff/destro chances of getting locked out are high and deadly. Shadow school very important for locks it's where their defence is.

    With the buffs in 5.2 ele shaman probably would be better than locks.
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    If rogues become shit, all they can become is a different type of shit.

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