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    Vanilla: druid
    tbc: mage and druid
    wrath: druid then paladin then warrior
    Cata: warrior
    mop: Mage and now warrior

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    Twice, used to play a mage, went Dk for cata, and now im back on my mage.

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    Quite a few times actually, started out as Rogue in Vanilla, in TBC I kept on playing rogue, got brunt out by rogues, took a 6 month break, came back and Wotlk came out and I went DK. Kept playing DK till 4.2, changed to priest for about a month and then back to rogue. In MoP I went full monk

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    So far, never. Played my druid as my main since I started playing mid-wotlk. I have come very close a couple of times though, almost re-rolled to a holy pally in firelands before we recruited one and was going to reroll to a mage for Dragon soul before our other druid swapped to his rogue.

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    Vanilla - Wotlk > Undead Warlock, Undead Rogue, (BC) Blood Elf Paladin.
    Wotlk - Wotlk > Blood Elf Mage, Troll Hunter, Orc Death Knight, Tauren Druid
    Cata - Cata > Undead Priest, Orc Shaman, Orc Warrior
    Cata - Now > Pandaren Monk and back to Orc Warrior.
    I play: DK, Mage, Monk, Paladin, Warrior.

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    Vanilla: Hunter --> Warrior
    Tbc: Paladin
    Wotlk: Paladin(Nax) --> Priest(Uld,TOC) -->Paladin(TOC,LK etc)
    Cata: Paladin -->(Bot,Tot4w,Bwd) Shaman (FL)--> Rogue(DS o.O.)
    Mop: Paladin

    I enjoy playing my paladin quite a bit. I've mainly switched in the past xpacs because of need for our raid comp.

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    During mop, I really had no thought to 'change' my main, it just so happened I got a higher rating on my monk rather then my druid...
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