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    Remember people, we have Vol'jin: Shadows of the Horde book comming this April, and considering that 5.2 comes out by the end of February it'll set the stage for 5.3.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Jtbrig7390 View Post
    there is no Zul Only Dana....

    Now lets see who gets that joke
    seeing the thread already had what 4 Ghostbuster references prior to you adding one that had already been said I'm guessing quiet a few.

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    Zul pledges himself and the Zandalari refugees to the mogu and the conquest of pandaria, however Zul is defeated by the one force that has always stood in the Zandalari's way, the darkspear.
    Vol'jin himself is there to end Zul. Along side Vol'jin stands a figure thought dead to Zul, Rastakhan. Rastakhan finally realizing that if the trolls are to be strong, they must stand with the strongest. Without Zul's prophesies filling Rastakhan's head he was able to finally see. The Darkspear have always been the strongest, it was the darkspear that stood against the troll tribes time and time again( with the aid of the Horde and yes the alliance).
    With the Revantusk tribe( Amani ), Shatterspear tribe ( Gurubashi Empire) along side the Darkspear, there goals are the same as the Zandalari only the opposite. The darkspear want to hold on to what is left of the trolls peacefully and not through war, thereby bringing all races upon them, leading to the trolls defeat and with that Rastakhan serves the darkspear now, along with those who followed him.

    If blizz decides to make race skins with the new models this would allow the horde trolls to make an amani( Revantusk ), Gurubashi( Shatterspear) and Zandalari, along with the darkspear skin.
    Can only hope for something like this to happen.
    Exactly how it should be done.

    A race as interesting and ancient as the Zandalari shouldn't all be grouped in the steroetypical, 'trolls are evil and crazy' sector. And the fact that its made clear that not all Zandalari followed Zul is an indicator that just maybe Blizz is planning on something like this happenin.

    As you said, a reasonable Zandalari would realize the Darkspear, the weakest tribe who have recruited the weakest remains of the two Troll empires, are clearly the best route for survival.
    And yea, this would add in the option to choose subraces (Wildhammer,Mag'har, etc)

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