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    Kaltunk for Warchief of the Horde

    From the moment he said "Lok'tar, friend." I knew he was destined to be Warchief of the Horde. Knowing nothing about the Warcraft universe and rolling the race that looked most like a mentally challenged Hulk, Kaltunk influenced me from the get-go. He was the quintessential Horde. Dedicated to his race and serving as a Shepard to the new players finding their place in a war-torn world, as an orc my journey started with Kaltunk. He may have pointed me to someone that would tell me to discipline peons and pick cactus apples, but that was what it was like back in the day, you survive from day to day. Those apples meant the difference between survival and starvation while struggling to survive in the desolate wasteland of Durotar. He wasn't off leading legions to war or becoming the most powerful shaman ever to commune with the elements. No, he was farming his land and feeding his people. He was a Joe the Plumber, if you will. That is the backbone of this Orcish Horde. Kaltunk is an every-Orc. Kaltunk is a you-and-me, Kaltunk should be Warchief of this Horde.

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    Dran and Malton Droffers are also good candidates. "Garrosh? That dummy don't know his ass from a marmot hole" - Dran Droffers for Warchief.

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    Gorge the Corpsegrinder for Warchief.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Roggles View Post
    Gorge the Corpsegrinder for Warchief.
    pfft. Cro Threadstrong would crush that blowhard as surely as he crushes an apple in his hands.

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    Op that cracked me up. I actually went to look up who this was afterwords. I agree Kaltunk for Warcheif.

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    Op i'm with you <3

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    There can be only one

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    Quote Originally Posted by Constellation View Post
    pfft. Cro Threadstrong would crush that blowhard as surely as he crushes an apple in his hands.
    And as Warchief of the Horde Cro will crush puny Fruit Vendor
    Theron/Bloodwatcher 2013!

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    Teasing, misdirection. It's the opposite of a spoiler. People expect one thing? BAM! Another thing happens.

    I'm like M. Night fucking Shamylan.

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