View Poll Results: In general what hair length do you prefer?

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  • girls with long hair

    130 59.91%
  • girls with medium hair

    87 40.09%
  • girls with short hair

    35 16.13%
  • guys with long hair

    13 5.99%
  • guys with medium hair

    25 11.52%
  • guys with short hair

    33 15.21%
  • depends on the person

    68 31.34%
Multiple Choice Poll.
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    What hair length do you prefer?

    just curious what you all think! I just recently chopped my hair off into a pixie cut and I love it, but I've gotten lots of mixed reviews on it.. so I'm just curious what other people in general prefer for hair length on a guy or girl!

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    Shoulder length.

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    Seeing as I picked 3 options at once, I think my answer is that I like girls with hair.
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    Depends on the person.

    Some chicks make pixie very attractive, some of them look good with a little less than shoulder length, some of them look like slobs with hair that is really long. Kind of a silly question.
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    on a girl i prefer mid length to pixie cut as you call it. i've had mine all lengths lol, from dreads down to my waist to short and spiked lol
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    I personally prefer medium-long hair

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    Depends on the person for me, some people pull off different looks better than other people.
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    It depends on the person. For example: Short hair on Amanda Tapping? God, yes. Short hair on Morena Baccarin? Bleh.

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    I prefer long hair on girls. I can't be with a girl that looks like a boy or I could mistake her with other person of any sex. No. I want my girl to stand out to have nice shiny hair. My GF has waist lenght straight brown hair and if you lookt it under light or sun they shine like copper. I even prefer little curled but I can do with any type. I also prefer darker color to blondes and I don't like chicks that color themselves to blond color with just peroxide. It looks unnatural and eeeeeeeeewwww.
    For my taste, total poison of the girl is natural black hair with combination of blue/green eyes (Liv Tyler, Claudia Black,...).
    Often times some girl has so nice hair I would just ask her if I can touch and pet her... :P
    Oh and there is nothing better than to lose yourself in a sea of nice smelling curls, it's like a silken curtain.... oh well I'm old-fashioned and crazy.
    Also the first thing I see on woman are eyes and right after that hair. By hair you can see if she takes good care of herself and would be able to take good care of those who are close to her... Then I check face, boobs and bun ofc In addition to all, if girl has longer hair she can make different styles so you can get "different" girl everyday instead of having only one style day after day and I have something to grab during "bed" time. A lot of girls like that

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    For me, it depends on the person. All sorts of different hair lengths can look really cool/sexy when combined with someone's overall look in the right way.
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    Totally depends on the person. I love a guy that pull off medium/long hair!

    But if short is what looks good on you, than do that. It's hot.

    For girls, again, whatever it is that looks good on you. Short (boy short) looks good on too few women though, so.
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    Girls with medium-long hair, guys with short hair, anything else just screams "personality quirks"

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    This is a tough question, compared to hose other ones asked on here. Hair type isn't something that bothers me. I like really long hair but att he same time I couldn't be bothered if she had it shaved lol

    Isnt there an "I am not fussy" option for this one xD

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    Quote Originally Posted by s_bushido View Post
    It depends on the person. For example: Short hair on Amanda Tapping? God, yes. Short hair on Morena Baccarin? Bleh.
    Totally this.

    However, I in general don't find guys with long hair attractive. Some can pull it off though.
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    Long hair on everyone

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    I don't really fancy girls with short hair, but when i say short I mean boy short. From there, anything bigger then that I consider medium all the way to chin lenght, then it's long. So I like medium and long, but depends on person, though never seen a woman with short hair whom I thought fit them.

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    I suppose I typically prefer girls with medium/long hair, but, when women are able to pull it off, I absolutely love the shorter, non-layered bob style (I guess that's what you might call it?). Something like this (on two of my celeb crushes):

    I love that it looks kind of tomboyish in the way it looks like they just kind of took a pair of scissors or a knife to it themselves, not really caring about the results. Combine that with a particularly feminine face and the juxtaposition is incredibly sexy, in my opinion.

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    Depends on the person. I prefer medium/long, but if said person looks awesome with short hair, that's perfectly fine for me.

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    Girls with short hair, though you need a certain skull shape to pull it off properly. The same goes for extremely short haircuts on men.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Robutt View Post
    Kate Beckinsale is an unfair example. That woman would be gorgeous bald. :P

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