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    Luck of the Lotus, Potion of Luck, and Battle-Stones!

    Now i know this potion gives you a chance for a little treasure chest to drop. But what im wondering is, when you have either buff from finding a random golden lotus out in pandaria, or buff from potion, Do you have an increase chance to get a Flawless Battle-Stones? Cuz after i got the buff, 1st battle i actually played all the way through, i got a stone right away. only got 1, but was it cuz of the buff? or just a random coinkidink?
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    Too green, didn't read.

    Seriously though, change the font to black.

    Also, random luck.
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    I dont know man. you tell me.

    No but seriously change the font..
    And no there is no increased change. It's random.

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